A wonderful future for Juncker

For those Charioteers (if any) who have been worrying about Cognac-for-breakfast Juncker’s employment prospects when he leaves the EU Commission, I may have found a solution.


Just when I thought that Germany was coming to its senses and trying to get rid of Angela Merkel, I came across this article. Of course it’s possible Angela may also be applying for the post.

It appears that two concerned citizens have come up with a solution to the number of accidents on the A2 motorway, which they are convinced are caused by trolls and elves disturbed by traffic noise. They accompanied a highways authority official on a routine perimeter fence inspection in the course of which they noted “very sad energies” emanating from certain stretches of the motorway. One of the ladies – yes, they were both female – asked the elves to look kindly on travellers while the other apologised to the local boars. This “energetic sealing” of the psychic wounds accomplished, the “elf lady” called on the government to appoint an official “elf commissioner”, whose job will be to be “away with the fairies” in an official capacity. It is unfortunate that shortly after this sealing two lorries were involved in a serious collision.

6 thoughts on “A wonderful future for Juncker”

  1. Sheona, I recall that in the ’70s, when I first did business in Scandinavia, it was common practice to have a bottle of Gammel Dansk or similar tipple on the table for early meetings. At least one sip was mandatory to avoid accusations of puritanism. I had an American colleague who retaliated by insisting the same Northmen drank Jim Beam for breakfast when they visited the States.

  2. One of the great joys of a summer spent sailing the Brittany coast always was the walk down the quay to the boulangerie, to pick up the baguettes after an early morning cognac and coffee. Such a civilized start to the day.

  3. Janus, I presume you and your colleagues were not trying to run the EU at that time.

    jhl, holidays are lovely, but running the EU probably isn’t so much fun. And staggering on deck can be excused by a choppy sea.

    Looks as if there could be quite a lot of competition for Germany’s “elf commissioner” post.

  4. Sheona, Denmark at that time had the distinction of having voted no to the EC , displeasing the ruling coalition and being bullied into voting yes. I’m sure some boozy breakfasts were involved.

  5. Whenever I feel disheartened, frustrated or dismayed by the goings on here on this sceptred isle, I read the news from Germany and I say another rosary to thank the heavens that I live here. The EU is going to have to think of something soon. Toxic Tess’s mishandling of British Liberation will only go on for so long. Once that is done and dusted, the EU’s countless pent-up problems will come to the fore again.

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