Conspicuous consumption

Yes, dear reader, it’s a tradition. A society wedding like tomorrow’s is larger-than-life, extravagant to a fault and (dare one say) more than a little vulgar. And that’s only the bride’s mother. At least our favourite iconoclast, Prince Philip, seems likely to avoid her altogether. Will he want to sit next to her? He’ll decide when he wakes up. Camilla has already made her choice – to stay away, citing other ‘duties’. Luckily for his new in-laws, the groom is able to keep them in the manner to which they have always aspired. Jolly good match, what, what?

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8 thoughts on “Conspicuous consumption”

  1. Tut! Tut! Janus your prejudices are showing!

    I like Fergie – and think she was very shabbily treated. It’s about time her role in producing two grandchildren for Her Maj was acknowledged – it would have been quite disgusting for her not to be allowed to have a role in the marriage of her daughter… she was not allowed to sit with her family at the last ‘do’.

    I’m not one bit surprised she divorced Andrew – he’s a bit of an oaf, and far too fond of asserting who he is…

    I’m beginning to have a problem with Camilla – who seems to have developed ideas well above her station, too…

    And Prince Philip? Well he’s Prince Philip – and if you can’t do what you want at 97, when can you?

    On the other hand…

    As I understand it, UK taxpayers are coughing up some £2m for security at this event – largely because Andrew insists that his daughter is entitled to the same sort of ‘Big Bash’ that Harry had…

    Someone should point out to both him and his daughter that neither of them do much in the way of ‘public duties’. And neither of them seem to honour the notion that with great privilege comes great responsibility.

  2. Sorry Boadicea, but I think that Sarah Ferguson was “shabbily treated” because she acted shabbily. And her behaviour since the divorce has not increased my respect for her.

    The guest list for Eugenie’s wedding consists of the same bunch of “slebs” as at Harry’s. Such copy-catting is a bit obvious, so she’s added an extra 200 odd guests. And hotels in Windsor are not bursting at the seams. Perhaps the spectators will be outnumbered by the police.

    I’m glad Camilla has stuck to her prior engagement in Scotland and I expect she consulted HM as well. If she then wants to spend the rest of the weekend in Scotland, that’s fine by me too.

  3. High-vis tuberculosis
    What a strange title for a post Janus, me old mokker! Ne’mind, eh?

    Our Liz has made it quite clear that Fergie has been re-admitted to the inner circle of “the Firm”, and if that’s what Liz says, that’s how it will be, peasants! And in a similar vein, our noble boss-lady has made it equally clear that Camilla will never be Queen, even in name, and that she has been consigned to the outer darkness. Take note, illustrious Sheona. 😎

  4. Bearsy, mate, that’s hyper-drôle! The title, I mean.

    One has always ‘heard’ No. 2 Son, so perhaps his wife has been reinstated. But the PoW’s Other? I fear the worst.

  5. OK Sheona! She behaved shabbily – initially. And probably thereafter – but, she didn’t take the Firm for a fortune, got in a mess and sorted herself out… Interesting that she and Andrew have lived under the same roof for some long time.

    I see that Philip did attend, and even managed a smile!

    However, being really catty, I think whoever sorted out Eugenie and Beatrice’s fashion-sense needs to tackle Fergie’s choice of clothes next!

    Who designs these hats…

  6. Boa, I think the Royal Lodge classes as a rather exceptional ‘one roof’! It sports 30 rooms, 21 acres and numerous normal-sized dwellings around it. Fergie thereby acquires all the trappings of royalty without the tiresome presence of her ex sharing the telly of an evening.

  7. I’m sitting here blushing, Bearsy. “Illustrious Sheona” – oh my goodness. I’m glad HM keeps you informed of all these little details so you can pass the news on to us, hoi polloi.

    I agree, Boadicea, about Fergie’s dress. Skirt too tight, showing unsightly ridges. After sorting out Fergie, the fashion expert could perhaps try persuading Meghan not to wear black or dark colours. They do not suit her, though I expect she thinks they make her look sophisticated. Sophisticated, with that messy hair?

    Some lovely live shots of empty streets with only squads of policemen visible.

  8. The Firm will perhaps avoid such non-events in future – given the public’s underwhelming response. Backside will have nothing to laff at!

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