12 thoughts on “Cricket”

  1. Ah come on, you guys, as they say in this part of the world. England up 4-0 against Australia in the ODI.
    French water and a European ungulate; says it all.

  2. Well played Sipu. I got the Oh but I was really struggling with the reindeer. I 0ver complicated it as I went through all of Santa’s 8/9 and every other googleable aspect, Rangifer tarandus-wise.

    But you are right. Moving on, I offer you an image of the Perrier product in English followed by one of an Indian tent with the two syllables of its name transposed.

  3. Oh deer!pity I’m not a cricket fan, but it’s also the tennis season on grass.

  4. Funny how we think along different lines sometimes. I had no trouble with JM’s wordplay, indeed the solution leapt to mind whilst I was still reading it, whereas I continued to be puzzled by Sipu’s until a flash of the blindingly obvious crept apologetically into view several minutes later.

    All of which reminds me of the communist era joke about Dad and Son arguing as to whether it was raining (Dad) or snowing (Son). Mum soon stopped the debate by telling son “Rudolph the Red knows rain, dear.”

    I’ll get my hat . . .

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