11 thoughts on “Not allowed to do this no more”

  1. Lots of things we can’t do any more…
    … like calling a spade a b***y spade…
    … or expressing an opinion contrary to accepted PC…
    … or proudly proclaiming that I’m female (Queensland Driving Licences do not now mention gender)…
    … or of telling some spoilt brat to shut up …
    … or indeed of so many things that I’m glad I was born when I was – and could say it as I see it, be and be proud of who I am, and express an opinion and have it debated sensibly without being shouted down as some ‘…ist’ who needs to be sent to a ‘rehabilitation’ unit to be re-educated…

  2. Right on Bo!
    I’d like to see these whining creeps last more than five minutes if the shit hit the fan. None of them know how to do anything useful when it comes to it. Can you imagine if their bloody cell phones stopped working for evermore?
    Actually would be bloody funny to watch.
    One begins to think that the ghastly zombie dystopic movies are more prescient than imagined!
    I begin to truly understand the comment of outliving one’s time. Fortunately this is a good backwater here and well behind the times just like Wales. And long may it remain so.

  3. And as for the BBC, if you aren’t a wog, an illegal alien, a remainer, a pervert, a queer or of any other doubtful persuasion……
    You’re fucked! Bastards, and people obliged to pay for these lickspittles. Over my dead body!

  4. Hilarious thing was Oz, I worked for the USA Embassy London for years!!!
    In the trade dept not diplomatic. mostly were a bunch of right wingers, thank heavens.

  5. Good evening, CO. Sorry to see that you seem to have gone American.

    I refer, of course, to your use of the opprobrious, and completely outwith any sort of pale, ‘cell phone’. We Britons, as you well know, use mobile phones.

    And, in passing, the clock is still ticking. Before we shuffle off to wherever each of us is heading, I, yet again, beseech you to retell the tale of the time you stiletto-teetered down the Falls Road, dripping in furs and haranguing the locals with your cut-glass English accent.

    One of the high moments of MyT, in my opinion. Lost when you were, wrongly, expunged therefrom.

    I still believe that you owe it to posterity to put said tale back into the public record.

  6. G’day JM – your use of “beyond the pale”, correctly and accurately of course, reminds me that whilst at school I was, for a while, under the misapprehension that the phrase was “beyond the pail”, and described the unfortunate result of an over-enthusiastic Roman diner in a vomitorium. This sad misunderstanding was corrected once I learnt in the lower VIth that the commonly understood meaning of that Latin noun was itself a furphy supported by mediocre linguists with a poor knowledge of Roman amphitheatre crowd-control. It was even later that I learnt about paling fences – now picket fences – and Dublin.

    But my early ignorance still brings a smile to my lips when the phrase is used. Thank you. 😎

  7. Right back at you, Bearsy, and thank you for ‘furphy’. Never heard it before but, having Googled, it’s a fine word.

    I am ashamed to admit that I still believed the vomitorium urban myth long after I had left school. I finally learnt the truth of it whilst working my way through the M Didius Falco and Flavia Albia novels of Lindsey Davis. Said novels bring Rome and Romans alive for me.

    She’s appearing at the Edinburgh Book Festival this year to push her latest offering. Ticket booked and looking forward to it.

  8. We’re definitely in the same corner, JM. Boadicea and I are also great fans of Falco, his adventures and his talented creator. I’m sure you’ll enjoy her presentation – give her an extra clap from us!

    Furphy is very much part of the Strine lexicon, frequently used in the House of Reps. Seems to be on the decline with the young, but no worries.

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