6 thoughts on “Rugby”

  1. What a silly billy you are. Don’t tell me you prefer the game where you get more awards from dramatic acting than athletic prowess.

  2. utter crap?
    I presume you mean me j?
    Actually Welsh rugby is the only sport I actually check the scores as most of my friends are devotees! Hang the rest of it, plus every other sport. Can’t grow it, eat it or admire it so fuck it!

    Today a friend of mine gets back from South America to Wales, he goes to all the summer tours of the team. Last year went to the South Sea Isles. Moaned hideously about one palm tree looked just like all the others, too much sand, too much sea and heat and not enough rugby! At least he went to Patagonia this year to the Welsh colony and all sorts of sights. So maybe this will have been a better trip. One hopes so, I really do not know why he bothers to go!

  3. No, CO, not you! It’s JW’s name for a certain Portuguese footie type with narcissistic tendencies!

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