5 thoughts on “…and I said to Melania….”

  1. I do admire her ability to keep a totally impassive face on it.
    What is entertaining me is what excuse she will come up with, when her son finishes his school year in NY, not to move to Washington.
    Can’t say I blame her.
    What a price to pay for merely money, it doesn’t appear to be worth it to her, Has anyone actually ever seen her smile? The odd constructed grimace maybe?

  2. I totally agree Mrs O, from humble beginnings…. She and the Palin started out on a level playing field by displaying their obvious physical attributes to photographers but, I think, she is much brighter than her husband but she’s also bright enough never to let him suspect it.

  3. An old friend used to remind me: ‘She’s probably very nice when you get to know her’. But it’s hard to speculate in Melania’s case. She exhibits a poker face and says very little (allegedly) so one wonders if that’s the way Don the One prefers her or that’s her response to life with him, between his rounds of golf, that is.

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