With the whole world now revolving around the times of 3pm CET, 6pm CET and 9pm CET important duties have to be sandwiched between the Euro 2016 games or discarded altogether. Discarsions, for me, have included no trampolining practice or parkouring. Other pieces of business have to be rushed. Blogging has been put on the Croatian flares backburner.

Then a window of opportunity presented itself. Right now.

Pass the open window
For it bodes ill
The sash could break
Your neck on its sill

18 thoughts on “Moratorium”

  1. Yes, Croatian flares. The lunatics didn’t hear what happened to Russia? And then a fire-cracker was thrown at a fire marshall. That’s worth bigger retribution.

    But don’t interrupt me, it’s after 21.00 and Turkey are collecting a yellow.

  2. Evening J,

    The mindless violence and hooliganism at this tournament has disgusted me. Kicking teams out is a good solution to this though nobody is brave enough to do this. The increasing use of flares at matches is cause for concern. The Scottish game is not innocent on this front. Us and them have both been guilty of the use of pyrotechnics at games and it is disappointing. I would ban all culprits for life and the offending team should lose the fixture 3-0. This would soon put a stop to it.

    Footballing-wise, as usual, I hope Holland win the trophy. Hold on, wait a minute…

  3. Wednesday is, of course, the second State of Origin, but the Maroons have suddenly lost four key members to a virulent stomach virus. Unfair advantage to the Blues, I fear.

    This is an Aussie blog-site. I expect my comment is as impenetrable to European Charioteers as the rest of this post is to me. Big, big Smiley.

  4. Talking impenetrably, if you know your American Gods then you’ll know that Wednesday is, of course, Odin, with the Mr Wednesday part sometimes masquerading as Ian McShane.

    G’day, G’morgen, G’CET Bearsy. As Aussie blog-sites go, it’s not very Aussie-some. Would love to read more about your lovely country and its customs (and dry humour). Honestly, guv. Go on, geez a blog. Don’t be shy.

    Must tell you. I’m currently reading Matthew Hayden’s autobiography, Standing My Ground (ghosted by Robert Craddock). Queensland, now that’s what you call a state. It is great to read of the Aussie psyche. Of course, I didn’t like when “Haydos” was smashing runs all round the ground against “us” but as life stories go the farm boy turned International slayer’s rise to the top is interesting. Good to read of the Aussie witticisms and anecdotes. MH is the author of three “unghosted” cook books. Well played, chef Haydos. (Smiles).

  5. Aye, that’ll be right, Bearsy!

    You forget that I have the privilege to have an ex-British brother-in-law who lives about 80 kilometres north of you. It follows that I am a rabid Maroon and reasonably au fait, SoO-wise.

    ‘We’ have, as you know, won the first game and have home advantage for Jeu Deux. Walk in the park for the series, in my opinion.

    I still treasure the memory of sitting in a Byron pub with the afore-mentioned brother-in-law watching ‘us’ humping the Blues.

    Moving on, I give you advance notice that my 2017 bucket list is dominated by next year’s Gabba Test. Wheels are already grinding.

  6. Quite right, JM. This revered site is a kinda EU, with rules made by far-off potentates and many diverse vassals chucking in their contributions. 😎

  7. G’day, Bearsy – Not only an Aussie blog-site, but a QLD one too. All cherished colleagues not openly batting for the other side 😀 should be honorary Maroons by default.


  8. Sorr, should’ve said: rugby.

    Meanwhile footiewise, Iceland are winning v Hungary! Cone on, all you -sons! 😎

  9. Oh so close, J-Man. The sons of sons nearly did it. Got to say that I like the Icelandic fans and their original clapping routine incorporating a loud “OOUU” shout. The commentator at the Hungary game called it “the Iceland scary chant”. Brilliant!

  10. JW, the Icelanders are true Vikings: fearless, adventurous and poker-faced. The -sons did their country proud.

    But now it’s the Ronaldo Show (he imagines). What a narcissistic plonker he is! Allegedly.

  11. A football first occurred during the Albania v Romania match and it wasn’t just because it was the first time two teams that rhymed have played each other at a major finals. (Pedantically- depending on which way you say it- at the last Word Cup Bosnia-Herzegovina played Argentina)

    For the first time ever the ball hit the cross wire that holds the camera that is over the centre of the pitch. A mighty Romanian clearance from defence hit the line and the ball plummeted to Earth like Major Tim Peake. The acute angle of the descent made it difficult for Ground Control to control. Definitely, an oddity.

    There’s a ruling when the ball hits the lime tree just inside the boundary at Kent. Four runs.

  12. Haw, JW.

    Your first paragraph? Total pish!

    With no research, I offer you, rhyme-wise, Holland (or for that matter Nederland) 2 Scotland 3 – Argentina June 11 1978.

    Also, in re your third paragraph, the lime tree is no more, so the four run thing is sadly, an ex-ruling.

    I can, so far, find no fault with your second paragraph. Give me time!

  13. Haw, indeedy.

    I’ll give you para 1. Fond memories of Archie G. I also recall at 3-1 to us Jaws almost scored a fourth with a header. Then fate played a cruel Haand.

    Para 3, though…Where have you been for the last ten or so years? A new tree was “created” to take the place of the original. I know, it’s a bit like Ben in Eastenders. Still, it’s four runs to me.

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