9 thoughts on “June roses”

  1. Morgen J-Man,

    Being urbanised I normally avoid the gardening/flowery stuff but thought I’d warn you about sssomething. On the right hand side of your picture in front of the tree (is it a tree? I don’t know these things) there’s a pair of King Cobras with their angry faces on. Hope you’ve not been insulting royalty again?

  2. I remember the original photos of this area. It has come up rather well j.

  3. That big tree, JW, is a special feature, trained to cast shadow if the sun ever shines. The cobras are house-trained, crossed with glow worms…..

    CO, yes, our fourth summer here coming up!

  4. AEA, probably. The walnut is at least 65 and like the other oldies here has put up with a lot, including squirrels rummaging in its orifices and unpleasant Nordic Noir winters. But its nuts are intact!

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