A Square Go

It was only a matter of time, wasn’t it? And it was Time magazine that stated in this week’s issue.

“In a milestone for AI, a google program beat South Korean grand master Lee Sodol at the strategy game GO on March 15. But machines have been mastering board games since the 1970s”

Awhile ago I wrote a blog about the Chinese game of Go on these pages. Nosey parkers that they are, I am sure that was the reason google made the super program. They love it when they beat humans, love it. They’re making driverless cars. They love it. Famously, the Deep Blue computer beat Garry Kasparov at chess but google have went one move further with their Go victory. They’re loving every minute of it.

The only thing that humans have left is Battleships. There’s not a computer programme made or ever will be made that can come anywhere near the standard of some of the truly great Battleship players of this era.

9 thoughts on “A Square Go”

  1. My computer beats me at chess every time. It’s hopeless at kick boxing though.


  2. Many of these games, chess, draughts, go….etc are really forms of applied maths. Computers because of their ability to perform thousands if not millions of computations a second will always win once the right algorithms have been developed.
    Depressing isn’t it ?

  3. No, you’re thinking of Muffin the Mule, which is still an offence in thirteen countries.


  4. JW,I’ll probably regret this but isn’t it time for a Battleships rematch between the Weegies and the Embrans? Just a quick one, lasting 10 days or so? 😎

  5. Good one, J. It could be a kind of 20/20 Battleship game as opposed to the longer Test version. The third contest would complete the trilogy. I’m game but is the Castle dweller?

    Battleships 2 still hurts as I was in the ascendancy when Admiral Mackie scuttled the match…

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