I was there

Well, akshully I was in a pub in Bootham, York, when our boys beat Germany 50 years ago. And believe it or not there was a telly, very small, b & w but a telly nevertheless. A group of maybe 20 enthusiasts huddled round it and cheered for England.

Tonite, they meet again. In colour. Without Kenneth Wolstenholme (sp?). Not really a friendly. See you there.

Author: janus

I'm back......and front - in sunny Sussex-by-the-sea

7 thoughts on “I was there”

  1. Not being a girly ball fan (although in 1966 soccer was a proper game) I was working at my student vacation job as a salesman in the local Halfords branch. Hardly anyone came in but we did tune the car radio demonstration module into the radio commentary.

  2. One of the darkest days for football. A goal given that didn’t cross the line then a pitch invasion before the final whistle. They should have been banned for 50 years.

    You’re all waiting for a smiley thing. You’re not getting one.

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