Boxing Day

Boxing Day means different things to different folk – no longer a time for exchanging gifts after a day of prayer – and increasingly a time for manic shopping. (But never of course a time for organised fisticuffs, as some incorrectly conclude.)

But time was when (such an elegant phrase😑) the Upper Ten were wont to ride to hounds today, baying for blood, pink in coat and red in claw.

And regrettably the blood lust persists in these northern latitudes, in the pc guise of population control – of the hunted, that is. What the hunting fraternity do is ‘protect’ the deer against poachers and natural migrations, feed them and then send in posses of gunmen to shoot them down for sport. They claim to be trained marksmen but their prey occasionally survive and limp painfully towards a silent, hungry death. How we laugh!

Even though fox hunting with dogs in England is almost dead, stalking deer is alive and well in many countries. But who dares to rob the rich and famous (or the not-so-rich and bloodthirsty) these days? Robin Hood joined Labour and became a preacher.

Have a nice day, y’all!

Author: janus

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11 thoughts on “Boxing Day”

  1. Dump the gun and put the dogs out to, erm, grass. Hire a wolf for all your hunting needs. Silent, extremely efficient, environmentally friendly and politically correct ‘cos the current thinkers want to reintroduce wolves and bears into parts of Europe. Reasonable rates from dawn to dark o’clock, apart from today as The Cave is on lock down because the NSW and I will be enjoying a roast duck that I happen to have about my person. Phone 1-800-THECAVE for prompt attention.

    Seasonal greetings to my reader.


  2. Zangado, I like the wolf idea. An entirely natural solution and might help cull some of the superfluous human population too.

  3. Unfortunately some of the locals in those areas of France where there are wolves are not in tune with the “current thinkers”, OZ. Quite a few wolves have been killed in the past few months. That could just be because many French hunters are not too accurate of course.

  4. The dreaded wolf has crept north recently into Jutland, annoying a few hunters and scaring the residents. They’ll have to be good swimmers to reach our little island or maybe a deranged conservationist will help them.

  5. I’m all in favour of hunting. Anyone who has seen the depredations wreaked on new born lambs by foxes would agree. They have been known to kill and maul the lamb before it has fully emerged from its mother. That is why most farmers bring their sheep inside to lamb and keep them in a week or so before they go back to the fields. It decreases the losses dramatically. Also much easier to assist lambing where there is light. Most sheep seem to be born sometime in the night. Fortunately the Welsh ignore most of the standard UK crap on the matter.

    A few years back a bunch of anti hunt misfits started to give gyp to the hunt horses on a local bridge. A good friend, not unknown for his irascible nature, dismounted and picked up the leader and hurled him off the bridge! Much to the amusement of all and sundry. The rest fled. The hunt rode on.
    Hours later the police turned up, by which time the afterhunt party had settled in to the local pub. Trying to ascertain who had done the deed they were met with the usual accustomed blindness of all and sundry who professed not to have seen the incident but wished they had! (For the entertainment value). Needless to say no one was ever nicked for that one and there seemed to be a vast and instant decrease in hunt saboteurs, they don’t like it up’em!

    As for wolves, they live here in the NW anyway, one of the reasons why no one has sheep round here. I suggest an introduction to the Jungle area of Calais, would clear it out in hours! We were very careful about letting out small dogs at night because of predators at the other house. The Canadians have far more trouble with wolves than we do. So now they make it worse by importing Syrians. Perhaps there is a dastardly plan to feed Syrians to wolves? A nice solution, spare and economical.

    Janus I think you are well wrong, hunting is doing remarkable well in the UK. Of course it starts out as drag hunting but how and where it ends up is a different matter entirely. I just wish hounds could be trained to attack burkas and backsides on prayer mats!

    I noted the amazing sales carry on too. Having looked carefully at the pictures in the Daily Mail I deduce that said pictures were probably taken in Lebanon, Beirut or some such. By the proliferation of wogs of every hue I have difficulty in assuming these were taken in Manchester, Brum and Londonistan. After all our good government would not lie to us surely? They have assured us that we only have 10% wogs in the UK, we believe them don’t we?

    Those pics were at least 90% except in Tyneside!

  6. Deer tend to breed to excess, especially with luvvies leaving them an unnaturally plentiful food supply. They then grow weak, diseased and otherwise unhealthy. A well-regulated hunt helps to cull the weakest ensuring the continuing health of the species. This is especially critical in a country such as England or Wales where there are fewer natural predators than, say, Canada or Sub-Canadian North America. Hunters, while there are a handful of bad ones, admittedly, have far more respect for animal life in general than luvvies. They know what hunting is, what taking an animal’s life entails and are thus keenly aware of the profundity of life and death. The sanctimonious among us who only buy meat at supermarkets and butcher shops lack this basic understanding. Foxes are nasty, wretched, horrid creatures — I’ve had to stop them from killing chickens. I’ve also seen what happens when comes too late.

    Tina: lovely story, ta muchly for it! It reminds me why I am so fond of rural life. It isn’t unheard of in Eastern California for anti-hunting misfits to be “accidentally” shot and either buried or left for wild animals to devour. In a place where forests are measures by the hundred-mile, not the acre, it is virtually impossible to find the remains. It’s also hardly unheard of for “naturalists”, especially from coastal urban centres, to have no concept about wildlife, be it bears, pumas, coyotes, and, now, wolves, etc. They fail to understand that bears aren’t friendly or social animals and manage to turn themselves into meals. I once heard an urban “Green” complain that a puma devoured a poor, defenceless deer. As for “the Jungle”, I wouldn’t be opposed to shipping a few score Alaskan grizzly bears in and letting them have a go at the infestation. Make sure to seal-off the perimeter and, after giving Alaska’s favourite predator a good meal, bring them back home until the next time.

  7. It’s not just the Upper Ten, whatever they are, that hunts. Anyone can join a hunt – local people, farmers and tradesmen. Hunting is a country pursuit and I think the only requirement is to be able to stay on your horse and not make a nuisance of yourself. You’ve been watching too much Downton and Brideshead, Janus.

    The hunt saboteurs seem to have no qualms about injuring horses or hounds in their stupid efforts to save another animal. But then that contradiction wouldn’t occur to their tiny minds.

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