Hi All,

I know that many of you on here also have one eye on MyT, and many, maybe all, have originated from there.

This is just to let you know that I am leaving MyT for good. I will delete my account today.
I have been observing how the different people react and have seen that it is no longer a place for me.
Over the last few days I decided to have a real go at Helpmaboab, one of the most ignorant,  and try to show him how it feels to be continually hounded the way he does it to others, but instead he just lapped it up. He actually thrives on disgusting comments and insolence. There is a group of likeminded people who dive immediately to his defence regardless of what he writes. All the sniping leaves me feeling rather cold.

Despite these comments I think that I am also a great part of the problem. I react very strongly to insults and bad behaviour, rather than ignoring it. My reaction is often seen as being just as bad as they are. I am quite ashamed at the comments I have written recently, trying to persuade them to act properly. It is strange, but I have never once had a negative discussion on the Chariot.You all act and speak similarly to the way I was brought up.

Is it simply because here you are all more civilised? I guess so. (I hope so)

So, I will stay with the Chariot, for as long as you will have me.

Why am I telling you all of this? Ask me something simpler.

Author: gazoopi

After finally leaving the world of the black suit and tie, briefcase and laptop, hotel rooms and airports, and donning sandals, jeans and a flat cap, I have entered a new world of creative writing. If, through my written work, I can create a smile, cause a tear to fall or stimulate an LOL from my readers, I will be a winner!

41 thoughts on “MyT”

  1. Hi, gaz. My T-shirt (with the been there, done that motif) is available if you need an extra layer.

    The comps here died from neglect so it will be a long haul revive them.

  2. I left MyT a long, long time ago. It had a good start but after the Ralph and Phil show it quickly plummeted. I have only left one comment in several years and have only bothered to visit twice. I neither know most of the bloggers there now nor care to make their acquaintance. Said blog is in varying measures puerile, infantile and vapid depending on the ungodly combination of bloggers on a particular day.

  3. I’m glad you’ll still be here, Gazoopi. I still comment on MyT, generally when the usual idiot starts twisting the facts and drivelling. I object to him distorting the truth about both France and the UK.

  4. Janus, if the T-shirt was for climbing Everest or swimming the channel, I would take you up on the offer. But for the MyT farce I prefer to remain anonymous 🙂

    Christopher: Blogging was completely new to me when I joined MyT as I was too busy with my work until 2012. I guess that I am still learning where to throw my hat in.

    Thanks Sheona, it is easy to collect unfavourites on MyT.

  5. I joined MyT right at the very beginning… it was fun – and there were a number of bloggers with whom one could have a decent discussion. It degenerated and the authorities did little to police the site or sort out the technical problems. Gave it up a long, long time ago after one particular nasty piece threatened to find us in Brisbane and watch our blood drip onto the floor…

    This is a civilised site because anyone who tried to cause trouble was (politely!) told where to go 🙂

  6. Boa, you enrolled just before me. Unfortunately my gadfly antics aroused too many sleeping dogs, who quite often failed to appreciate their point. As you say the admin and moderathion were lousy – just like the dogs.

  7. I still think you should continue with the creative writing on MyT, Gaz. It seems a shame not to.

    As for the rest of it, your spat with HMB is just one of those inevitabilities of blogsites like MyT. I would have said that your tactics were somewhat debatable though, trying to influence anyone’s blogging style by responding in like manner is doomed to failure, in my opinion.

    And, as you know, we all have different opinions of our fellow bloggers, but I have to disagree with your assessment of HMB, who is one of the more intelligent and witty bloggers on MyT, even though I disagree with some of his views. I have never found him to be either insolent or disgusting.

    Janus, nothing wrong with being a gadfly on occasions, it livens things up a bit! 🙂

  8. Arrers, (blush) shucks! Neandertals are particularly susceptible to the odd bite, I found. He was very impolite in response! 😎

  9. Dear Janus, I found the level of verbal abuse and etc., quite awful when I first started to blog, but I really don’t register it much these days. This is not necessarily a good thing but it doesn’t do to be too sensitive, I’m sure you agree. The absent and much missed Pink Eared Furry One had a very endearing way with the insults. 😉

  10. Hi Ara, your comments are well recieved, thanks. I think that we must just have different standards regrding what we consider to be insolent or disgusting 🙂

  11. Sorry to see you leave, Gaz. In an earlier time I would have suggested you stay, but there is so little left that remaing is almost a solitary pursuit. Only two ( Cutley and Tom ) of the quality bloggists continue to present worthwhile posts on a regular basis.. The others have either declined or simply don’t bother anymore. Perhaps, as Araminta suggested, you could continue with the CWG, bearing in mind it was that which drew you to MyT in the first place.

  12. Hi McBill, it is great to see that you are still around and keeping an eye on all of us. I have often wondered what was happening with you. (each time I use the phrase “I will give your comment the attention that it deserves” 🙂
    I also agree that Cutley and Tom are just about all that are left worth reading. They are both connected on facebook where their blogs are also linked.
    Really good to see you.

  13. Yes, Gaz, I am the persistent rash that never seems to go completely away.

    Janus, thank-you… I shall certainly pop in from time to time.

    Araminta it is always good to see you.

  14. True Blue,: He can have the field to himself. I will not re-think, having re-thinked many times before.
    The CWG is a different matter.

  15. Araminta

    I am useless with WordPress and previously commented as David, but nothing happened and suddenly I found I was True Blue and then my David comments appeared. I hate the modern world. Bring back the quill pen, 78’s, stage coaches and old stuff generally.

  16. Gazoopi

    Of course, you must do as you see fit. I have given up on My T at least for now. I do look in now and again. Rosie’s sage observations on the world scene are always interesting.

  17. Hi gaz.

    I join with Ara in hoping that you will continue to enter the CWG monthly competition. Admittedly, I never voted for you but you did get an honourable mention from me once and you were definitely never the worst entry. That, for your information, is pretty high praise from a Jock. The competition would be poorer without you. Bleda deserves our continued support for all his efforts. I might even write something myself one day.

    Moving on, I have to agree with Ara about hmb. I remain a firm and committed non-Tabbiano. I know that he can sometimes be thrawn but we can all do that. He is also, as I have often told him, a plagiarist but that doesn’t stop him being, in my opinion, witty, incisive and one of the main reasons. apart from said CWG, for my continued dalliance with the Other Place.

    Moving on again, I must congratulate you on unprivatising your Comments on MyT before you flounced therefrom. To me, private Comments are the first refuge of the troll. I am, however, sorry that you deleted your account as it knocked even more holes into a lot of posts on MyT and most of them had too many of those already.

    Enough of the past. Onwards and upwards. Not that it matters, but It would appear from the Stats that you have driven the Views and Visitors on the Chariot from 27 and 22 two days ago to 90 and 30 yesterday and 172 and 44 so far today. Perhaps we may soon have new Cherished Authors trying to keep Janus amused. They would be welcome.

    Provided, of course, that they adhere to the Leges Icenorum and Boadicea’s benevolent and civilised reign which combine to make this a safe and happy place to blog.

  18. JM, trying to keep Janus amused? A challenge indeed! (Backside’s next comment deleted on grounds of indecent/inhuman/supergadfly behaviour.) 😎

  19. Mr Mackie, having just finished the entry for this month’s CWG and also having only put the first sentence together this afternoon, I ask you not to expect too much this month. I will, of course, continue with the CWG as that was the original feature that brought me to MyT three years ago.
    Up until 2012 I had been working too much to allow spare time for ‘blogging’ and had no experience of it. Since then I have learned that there are blogsites and blogsites. The difference can be compared to going out to the pub. Some have a civilised ambience while others leave you holding on to your wallet. The latter, which seems comparable with MyT, I prefer not to frequent in the future.

    I can’t leave without stating my total respect for the tabbiano comment. I had really thought that no-one had noticed 🙂

  20. Gaz, I would encourage you to give Janus’ suggestion very serious consideration It would be akin to moving the club out of a seedy, run down pub and into a brand new, clean facility. Just think of the writers being able to come and without being accosted by or having to step over patrons who’ve over indulged. You could be the CWG’s Moses. 🙂

  21. Thank you, McB! An idea: set up a new improved comp here, then promote it (and your own entries) up at t’Big House. The lemmings will then fall in line and Bob’s one’s close relative. 😎

  22. A contest of contests? CWG entrants could also post their stories here and have 2 chances of winning. Once here they are apt to consider this a much better environment.

    Thank-you for the delicacy used regarding Bob. He had been my uncle until that extended holiday in Sweden. Now it’s all so confusing.

  23. Erm, hello. My name is O Zangado and I was a contributor to MyT. There, I’ve said it, although I have been clean since February 2010 Linkey thing apart from one or two momentary lapses. This thread, admittedly, did tempt me to visit the ‘big house’, but I am proud to say I fought the latent demons and won. Good for me!

    I also have to confess that of late I have not been as regular a contributor to The Chariot as I ought to have been, for which I apologise to Boadicea, Bearsy, fellow Charioteers and particularly to my cherished reader. I must do better as the days shorten and grow colder – there is nothing so popular with family and friends as someone who owns a Cave on a remote hill complete with a pool and a big barbie. In southern Portugal. In summer. It is odd that nobody gives a monkey’s in January despite the roaring log fires, thick stews and casseroles and mulled wine on offer. Sob!

    At this juncture I admit I was prompted to look back through the Chariot archives and found many documented highs and lows of my life over the past five years. Were they not there so many things would have gone unrecorded, inter alia the competitions; medieval days in Castro Marim; Battleships; the Olympic Stramash; the poisoning of Fogo; Christina’a pullover; the saga of Silvie; exceptionally fine writing implements and not forgetting the continued presence in Der Bunker of She-Who-Must-Not-Be Named (AUNTIES ARAMINTA AND BILBY PLEASE NOTE!!).

    I promise to try harder in future.


  24. Haven’t been there in years. Puerile crap from adults who are old enough to know better, would rather go gardening!

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