Supernatural omens??

Over the weekend, two events indicated that the natural order of things had gone awry. Do these indicate a supernatural phenomenon, or is there a more rational explanation?

Firstly, the Welsh beat the English at Twickenham in the Rugby World Cup. Most unnatural. Secondly, at about three o’clock in the morning, the moon appeared in the sky to have turned dark red and was exceedingly dim.

The first is explained by the fact that the Welsh played the game and the ref better than the English.

The second was explained by the phenomenon known as Corbynisation!!!

11 thoughts on “Supernatural omens??”

  1. FEEG, Jerry is a loony, definitely. As for England, this team is as frustrating as our cricketers. Do the HAVE to lose first so that the next game is make or break? 😁

  2. FEEG: I enjoyed the game almost as much as the Boks going down to the Japanese. Half time during Scotland vs. USA was a fun time too. We only got half the lunar show before the clouds came in.

    Janus: They picked it up off the yanks, keep doing it wrong until you have no more chances to win.

  3. There is another very unusual event, FEEG. Scotland is currently top of its group in the World Cup.

    I do like your Corbynisation definition.

  4. Never fear, Sheona. It will all end in tears as usual. We are playing far too well at the moment and It can’t last.

    And, even if we do qualify, it looks like we’re doomed to not getting the chance to gub England in the quarter finals. Aye, it’s a sair fecht being Scots.

    Mind, it does have its compensations. Here’s a picture which JK Rowling tweeted last night. I presume it’s taken from her garden in Cramond.

    The sky was like this all over Central Scotland yesterday evening. Maybe there’s something in this supernatural omens thing after all.

    Allez L’Ecosse.

  5. Sheona, yes, thank goodness the Charioteers have feet firmly planted in on the ground, away from social cyberspace! Pity that the head Twat is thinking of abandoning the 140 character limit (or is it envelope these days?) – which will only add to the volume of allegedly vital jibberish. 😞

  6. Just sent you this tweet, Janus

    ‘You led me to Twitter even if you only ever sent one and have only one follower (me). It’s very good for concision, in my opinion’

    Exactly 140! Only took about five minutes to edit to that perfection as well.

    In truth, I am an enforced Twitter reader and have a mere one score of tweets to my name. Our need to defend the Union against the screeching cyber Nats has meant that we have to use the medium to see what they are up to and to spread news of their lunacies. It is also sometimes necessary to use it to nudge the Scottish Press into covering SNP bad news stories. Said Press have been thoroughly cowed by the abuse they have regularly received from the Seperatists and sometimes need a boot up the backside from our side to get their heads back above the parapet.

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