I’m a catfish

In webspeak, that is. Old Backside and I, his ever-controlling head prefect, are conning you all into buying our ginormous pile of ordure; leading you up the proverbial garden path, as it were; painting a portrait which might not be a reflection of reality.

I recall that some years ago I appeared at the Big House purporting to be a young ballet dancer learning flamenco in Iberia; family in Surrey, etc., etc. and quite a few correspondents chose to befriend me. It was frighteningly simple to become a persona. When I owned up, some were less than complimentary; others disappointed.

Here on the chariot we are so few that it’s had to imagine any of is a simulacrum, to use an old word. But maybe we have the odd catfish lurking in the shadows? I wonder.

Author: janus

I'm back......and front - in sunny Sussex-by-the-sea

20 thoughts on “I’m a catfish”

  1. It took me a while to discover what a catfish is, apart from a rather unpleasant fresh-water fish.

    “The term catfishing came from the 2011 documentary Catfish, about a New Yorker who was duped by a woman who posed online as a younger love interest. An MTV series of the same name followed. For many victims, the biggest question, after the shock of discovery, is simply: “Why?” In the case of the Catfish film, the woman who conned her would-be partner and was uncovered told ABC News: “I didn’t have anything else in my life, it was just the only thing I had going for me.”

    I hope these unpleasant creatures get hoicked out of the water and are left to suffocate, metaphorically.

  2. Sheona: I did realise what J. was talking about and I know that catfish are bottom feeders. None the less, they are delicious when grilled or deep fried. They are a favourite dish throughout the southern states of the USA. and served in many local restaurants there.

  3. Is this post just a “cry for help”, Janus? Are we supposed to say we love you just the way you are?

  4. Janus, if you really want Slocombe, you’ll find he has just put up a comment on the BBC’s F1 site on Singapore practice.

  5. Sheona, yes, there’s old Phil in the flesh, with his Chinese spouse still marooned in Spain. He tweets as RAF Officer (omitting the nursing bit), has dropped the JP and the Cambridge fantasy. Cosying up to Lewis theses days – Ron no longer top dog.

    He’s the winner in the W Mitty stakes.

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