A modern diaspora

We accept the media cliches. Destitute families with young children, exhausted and hungry from the gruelling trek from war-stricken places, arriving in their hundreds every day at the ferry port less than 15 miles from here. They are grateful for help from local people who will drive them up to Sweden or they will stay and wait for asylum here.

Of course it’s true. But it’s only part of the story.

A less publicised component is the young men who accompany them. They are not distraught or at their wit’s end. In fact they are confident, even demanding. They know their rights. They show no gratitude or sense of relief. They have their iphones, checking the latest international news and show disdain for mere border cops  trying to cope with the human tsunami.

Being a refugee is no longer demeaning; no longer just for the dispossessed. It is a life-style choice for many. Should we be concerned?

Author: janus

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42 thoughts on “A modern diaspora”

  1. Only a minority of those entering Europe are actually legitimate asylum seekers. The majority are opportunists at best, invaders in less pleasant terms if not dedicated enemies of Western civilisation. Photographic evidence has shown that a number of these young men fought on the side of ISIS but are now claiming asylum status in Europe. One so-called asylum-seeker in Stuttgart was found to be a member of ISIS and had a box full of fake Syrian passports with him. Even the Kurdi father whose sons’ deaths sparked another bout of emotional incontinence has been tied to human trafficking and PKK.

    The Swedes and Huns have a lot to answer for. Both countries’ policies to this invasion have legitimised country shopping. Germany’s social system is quickly collapsing under the strain and Sweden cannot carry on indefinitely. The media’s clichés are already starting to be seen as just that and tolerance for this invasion is already quickly collapsing. Macedonia will start using tear gas and rubber bullets, the Hungarians aren’t far behind. When young thugs show their true colours more brazenly, and most lack the common sense to keep their mouths shut, they will hasten their own end.

  2. We should be concerned, Janus. Merkel lost her senses for a while and has now had to back-track and close borders. Cameron did get it right when he said the only Syrian refugees the UK would take would be from the camps in Jordan and Lebanon. France is still keeping its border with Italy closed because most of the illegals there are young men, probably unemployable. How long will they be hanging round the rocks at Ventimiglia now that winter is approaching?

  3. Jazz: in Germany the elderly and poor are being thrown on the street by the government in order to house these invaders.

    Sheona: almost certainly unemployable and unlikely to be over ambitious or keen on improving their lots. Several years ago I read an article about refugees in Sweden. Many are looking for any sliver of disapproval or hint of alarm to claim that they are facing racism and bigotry as an excuse to not do anything but collect benefits. Another problem that they’re encountering in Sweden, especially with Somalis, is that they simply can’t function in a Nordic society. Somalis are mostly semi-nomadic herdsmen who migrate with the seasons and their sense of time and punctuality is highly flexible. That does not work in a country like Sweden which is highly efficient and where punctuality is revered with a nearly religious zeal. Europe is in for a bitter winter of discontent.

  4. In answer to your question, Janus… Yes, we should be concerned. Deeply concerned. This is an invasion. I have pointed out to any number of people that the so-called ‘poor’ refugees who can afford to pay smugglers to get them to Oz are NOT poor. Poor refugees take refuge in the nearest camp and have to wait until some one is willing to take them.Only the rich can afford to pay to jump the queues.

    As for the lot massing on the borders of Europe – not one of them should be allowed in. Compassion fatigue? Well I didn’t have too much sympathy anyway with those who scream, shout and demand – so it hasn’t taken long to exhaust what little I had.

    We need another Charles Martel…and soon

  5. This is the EU’s fault. No concerted effort. No internal borders. No Plan B to deal with migrants who are not accepted by their target countries. DK is waiting now to feel the impact when Sweden shuts up shop.

  6. Boadicea: I actually saw these tent cities and on several occasions worked with “refugees”. Most have a horribly entitled attitude and care not a jot about integrating or even attempting to come to terms with the host country. I’ll give one example: in July I was at my regular Asian grocer when an Arab man came in demanding that they wire money. They sold lottery tickets, but did not have Western Union. Naturally, he made his demands in thickly accented English. The two women working could only speak Thai, Cantonese and German leaving it up to me to translate. I referred him to Deutsche Post and he was ready to know a few shelves over. Charity shops are starting to struggle to find staff in Germany as people don’t want to deal with them. They come in and expect new, brand-name clothing for no more than a euro or two a garment. They also brazenly steal and demand special treatment/access to store rooms. The older, more well-established immigrant communities, be they Turks, former Yugoslavs, Africans, etc. have had enough of them as well. The media have only told rosy stories — wait until reality hits. I never thought I would say this, but I am sincerely hoping that Madame LePen becomes president.

    Janus: but weren’t there enough social tensions before this invasion? The January shootings have not helped. I’ve also heard that in reality Swedes are deeply troubled by this sudden influx. They want to be helpful, but their quality of life was already being hurt by what they had.

  7. Christopher

    You say the media has only told the ‘rosy stories’. What I don’t understand is how so many here haven’t looked at the news reports and seen the violence, arrogance and assertiveness of those trying to take over Europe – our reports show plenty of them. We have (heaven help us!) groups holding candles and placards saying “Refugees welcome here”… It amazes me just how stupid people can be.

    Our government has said that it will take however many from those groups who were persecuted in Muslim countries – mainly Christians. Needless to say the Muslim Council Of Australia has started screaming discrimination.

    No Janus, this is not only the EU’s fault (well the lack of borders is!) but the whole idea that we in the West must take in anyone and everyone who demands shelter…

  8. Oh come on Janus! The Christian ethic was always to kill, burn, or otherwise destroy all those who did not toe the ‘Christian’ line – which, in practice, meant eliminating anyone of a non-Christian faith and all those who disagreed with the creed / politics of whoever had control over the Christian Church at that time.

    When the West threw away these negative aspect of Christianity and really espoused the idea of helping the poor and downtrodden – it failed to learn how to discriminate between the genuinely poor and the opportunists.

  9. Boadicea: most European news sources have more often than not shown these invaders in a positive light. The Americans aren’t much better. AP, for example, made it look like a riot on Lesbos was merely “refugees”: trying to defend themselves from abusive Greek authorities. The tabloids such as the Daily Mail or Express have done a better job reporting on this! As for your government which one? The new PM is someone who makes me think highly of Cameron in comparison. I am not fond of left wing parties, but I’d vote for the ALP before that creature.

    As for Christianity… It has its dark moments. At the same time, those dark moments were also from a generally dark time.Christianity ended many of the most grotesque elements of the Roman Empire and the Christianisation of Scandinavia ended the Viking invasions. It’s not a pretty history, but what came before it wasn’t necessarily better.

  10. Janus, according to Breitbart news, as quoted by Cheech on MyT, Denmark is not a desirable place of refuge for these illegals. The country doesn’t give them enough pocket money! I really think Svalbard, as suggested by one Norwegian party, would be ideal.

  11. Christopher

    The choice at the next election will be between the devil and the very deep sea. The ALP is completely under the control of the bully-boy trade unions – and Turnbull is no more than a puffed-up ego in an expensive suit. As a journo said this morning – Australia is becoming the Italy of the South.


    There was a report in the morning paper about how few refugees were working – I expect the report will have vanished by the time I go to look for it. Mustn’t ever tell the truth!

  12. Thanks for that, Sipu. A good laugh to start the day.

    Boadicea, many of these refugees are unemployable. There was a mention of one woman, accompanied by six small children, who spoke only Arabic. How is she going to find work in Hungary or Germany? Street sweeping would be the only option. I do like your description of “a puffed-up ego in an expensive suit”. Since today is an anniversary of the Battle of Britain, it might be appropriate to say “never have so many been so aptly described in so few words”;

  13. Boadicea: of course. The ALP are still embroiled in union corruption scandals and Shorten is an absolute nightmare. The if the media weren’t so virulently anti-Abbott he would be far behind in the polls. Abbott was clumsy, but many thing he did were blown out of proportion or taken out of context. What troubles me is that Abbott, for all his faults, is fundamentally a decent and honourable man. Many of his accomplishments personal as well as political and good works have routinely been over-looked. Turntricks is a slime. He has no character and the only thing he’s ever wanted his power, power and more power, I’d normally plug for the LNP but this time, no, better the ALP.Better an honest enemy than a traitor in your midsts.

  14. Thanks Sheona! I really can’t bear to see Turnbull’s (or Turncoat as he is being dubbed) smug face leering on the TV.

    Christopher – I think our media is anti-anyone in power. It will be interesting to see just how long it is before they start focussing on TB.

    I agree with you regarding Abbott – a genuinely decent and honourable man. Probably a little out-of-date with some of his actions and comments – but good intentions with no malice.

    For once I agree with Shorten – who said much the same as you have about Turnbull. In the end it’s all about himself.

    I cannot understand the Liberal Party – Turnbull was a disaster when he was leader before – and he will be a disaster this time around. And furthermore, as I’m sure you are aware, Ozzies do not like what they see as disloyalty.

    I’ve read a lot of comments on this spill – and it’s not just Turnbull who’s being slammed. Julie Bishop has come in for a fair amount of criticism. Foolish woman. I think she has just thrown away her chance of being PM. Unfortunate but true, men’s disloyalty is forgiven far more quickly than than the disloyalty of women.

  15. Boadicea: yes, they do tend to go against anyone in power although, much like in the UK, Canada and US there is a tilt to the left among many members of the media.

    Most Australians I know have said the same thing about Abbott — even those who despised his politics and policies. As a person he was far more popular than as a politician. He was Howard without the polish and salesmanship and then some. For many people he was refreshing. He wasn’t politically correct, a sleekit or a feartie. He was too much of a heavy-handed clutcher in terms of handing down policies and that irked many MPs.

    The Liberals panicked and went with whom they thought was the more electable of the two — especially those with marginal seats. Turntricks is more polished, but he alienated many core Liberal voters and antagonised many Liberal MPs. Turntricks won a deeply divided party with an Australian electorate that disliked him last time and likes him even less this time. Bishop , I agree, has destroyed her political future. She was the king-maker. Her support was critical for Abbott retaining his position in February and critical for Turntricks to topple the Mad Monk. Pity, really, she has been an excellent MP and cabinet minister.
    The only thing that prevents this from becoming another Kev and Juliar Show is that Abbott will not topple Turntricks. He has too much decency for that.

  16. Meanwhile, back on thread, Europe seems to be getting a grip, financing camps for wannabe migrants in their own countries to await screening and eventual migration.

    It is confirmed that a significant minority of the current ‘refugees’ is IS-indoctrinated followers.

  17. Christopher – thanks for your response. I agree with all that you’ve said.

    Janus – sorry about that! Back on Thread! It is indeed good to see that Europe has finally understood that an open-door policy simply encourages others to jump on the band-wagon.

  18. And btw, Denmark offers marginally less per month to asylum seekers than Germany and almost double what Sweden pays.

    The difference is that DK tells people it doesn’t want them. Isn’t that the honest truth?

  19. The MP for the Alpes Maritimes in France has recognised that the majority of these illegals are economic migrants jumping on the band wagon who must be repatriated as soon as possible. He has also called for a halt to family immigration where the “sisters and his cousins and his aunts” as W S Gilbert put it have nothing to contribute to France. Unfortunately he also recognises that Hollande, whom he describes as Merkel’s “mouton de Panurge”, is unlikely to take any positive action.

    While Serbia is busy complaining about Hungary closing its borders, I wonder why Serbia does not follow suit. This would perhaps spur the EU into some sort of action to help Greece deal with the multitudes of uninvited guests.

  20. Janus – We have vigils ‘welcoming asylum seekers to Australia’ – one has to wonder where their brains are. Our previous PM authorised overseas advertisements to explain that Australia did not want economic refugees – I hope that our new PM does the same. He won’t get many votes if he doesn’t – but the problem is that no other party is prepared to make a stand against the queue jumpers.

    Sheona – Abbott halted family immigration rights for those who entered Australia illegally. It amuses me no end when those who have compassion for everyone but their own fellow citizens shout, scream and bewail that the rest of the world despises Oz for these policies when, as far as I can see, the rest of the world (apart from the pollies) actually support Australia’s stand.

    I absolutely agree – if Serbia does not want all these immigrants – it, too, must shut its borders.

    The problem, as I see it, is that we in the West with our stable democracies have the best of intentions – but have been oblivious of the probable consequences of acting on those intentions. The UK gave the right of residency in the UK to everyone in our former colonies, never expecting so many to take advantage of that right. The EU, secure in its economic stability, had a generous policy to those in need – but never expected so many to take advantage of those policies.

    It is the same problem that Welfare States all around the world have to come to terms with – there are always those who will take advantage of a system that tries to help those in need – but no system can deal with the the genuinely needy and the opportunists.

    It is, unfortunately, true that the Road to Hell is paved with Good Intentions… and, as far as I can see, Europe is descending into Hell.

  21. Latest BBC report is that Hungarian troops/police have fired tear gas at illegals on the frontier with Serbia. I’m not sure why so many reports call this a European refugee crisis. That description fits the chaos left in Europe after WW2. This is a Middle East crisis and of tear gas drives them back there, then so be it.

  22. Auntie struggles with terms. Too PC to call the intrusive migrants invaders; happy to call Jerry the left-wing leader but not Dave the right-wing PM. 🙊

  23. A different perspective. Millions of Zimbabweans have left this country to seek their fortunes abroad. There are few genuine refugees, but the vast majority are ‘economic migrants’. Those of us who remain, are very grateful to these people because of their contribution to our GDP. International remittances play a huge part in keeping this country’s economy from becoming completely moribund, if that makes any sense.

    There are more indigenous Zimbabweans living in the UK than ever there were Britons living in Rhodesia. A bit of irony lost on our esteemed leader. But the vast majority have gone to South Africa where they play a significant part of that country’s economy. Indigenous South Africans truly are awful, almost without exception. They are incredibly lazy, incredibly dishonest, incredibly demanding and disgustingly violent.’Our blacks’, as Ian Smith would have said, are far more industrious, certainly better educated and far less aggressive,

    Anyway, the Zimbos work and send their money home to support their families and ‘loved ones’.(God I hate that expression.)

  24. The French news report has no hesitation in stating that the thugs who have attacked the Hungarian police and troops and tried to destroy the border fence are young men travelling on their own or in groups. But of course tear gas can’t distinguish between them and women and children. This amounts to an invasion and I imagine rubber bullets may be needed.

  25. So now the meeja has changed its tune. No longer bleeding hearts, it’s all about bleeding cops and marauding yobs. As usual its agenda is skewed away from the actual issues.

  26. Should have stopped them in the Mediterranean, turned them back and dumped them on the beaches from whence they came. Deport the lot who have already arrived, it is pretty bloody obvious that they are not refugees. The Western Govts appear to have their heads up their rear ends (again). Every one in Wales is sick to death of the wogs from the ongoing conversations round here.

  27. CO: I explained the situation to Chinese co-workers. They are at a loss to why anyone would take in millions of people who have nothing to offer and long list of demands. In China, they would be gaoled for several days, fined roughly £200 for entering the country illegally and returned whence they came PDQ.

  28. CO, the Serbs and Croats seem to agree with you. The Italians and Frogs offer them accommodation that is even worse than home. That leaves the Huns……

  29. Janus: and the Huns have no more room! It’s pathetic, really. There are also only so many OAPs and chavs they can toss onto the streets to make room for these invaders! They are told that there are jobs and benefits waiting for them which is nowhere near reality. The German parliament is currently drafting a law which will allow them to deport anyone from the Balkans, Senegal and Ghana. They will also lose benefits if they don’t take the first job offered.

  30. French charities are now worrying that French homeless people may lose out on shelter during the winter if it all goes to the illegals. The Paris police have today evacuated two migrant camps in Paris, presumably so the space can be occupied by new illegals. Those who have squatted in an empty Paris school are reportedly living in appalling squalor there. Why can these characters never clean up after themselves? EU sympathy levels falling steadily.

  31. Sheona: I’ve heard that a number of invaders occupying Sweden are throwing tantrums because they were sent to live in provincial villages. They wanted to live in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Jönköping or Malmö. I really wonder how long this will, can last.

  32. Boadicea: quite a few people are deeply troubled by the numbers coming in. In Eastern Europe many have said something quite similar. It’s strange, really, that countries that have had to endure the brunt of fighting Islamic invasions in the past and have within recent memory had to endure Marxism-Leninism are the least tolerant of a Muslim invasion, no matter how it’s packaged and are the least PC — really just a form of Frankfurt Marxism.

  33. It is indeed an invasion, Boadicea, but silly Merkel gave the green light. Any who don’t like living in provincial villages, with compulsory lessons in the language, are not really refugees and can be repatriated immediately. Germany is going to have to start sorting out the wheat from the chaff very quickly and deporting Albanians and others at once.

  34. Sheona: the German government is currently drafting an emergency act of Parliament to stream-line the asylum process. People from countries like Serbia, Albania, Kosovo, Ghana, Egypt, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka,etc. will be deported quickly whereas some Iraqis and Syrians will be given leave to stay.

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