Eine Taube Auf Dem Boden

The Germans, instead of “A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush” say:-

“besser ein Spatz in der Hand als eine Taube auf dem Dach”

Well, when I got up this morning we had a bloody Taube on the floor in the hallway.

Our lovely gentle little moggy, which has only one way into the house at night and requires a five feet jump onto the window ledge before she can come into a hole in the mosquito net just big enough to squeeze through, managed to leap up with aย  half dead pigeon in her mouth. Hut ab!!!


Apologies in advance to the squeamish


Isn’t she lovely?


Author: gazoopi

After finally leaving the world of the black suit and tie, briefcase and laptop, hotel rooms and airports, and donning sandals, jeans and a flat cap, I have entered a new world of creative writing. If, through my written work, I can create a smile, cause a tear to fall or stimulate an LOL from my readers, I will be a winner!

23 thoughts on “Eine Taube Auf Dem Boden”

  1. Hello, I am a newcomer, but not a new newcomer, as I am gazoopi’s wife. Yes really his vacuum cleaning so early in the morning has cost me my valuable night sleep.
    PS Can you please give me access to your site?

  2. Gaz, J: I like pigeons too, in a red wine sauce, but not as much as I like catfish ๐Ÿ™‚

    BTW, welcome Mrs Gaz, I am sure your name does not really describe you ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Hello Four-eyed English Genius, thank you and I must say, you are right, but I have a “split” personality, wanting to be a great athlete as well as a genius myself, and therefore I adore Mann ohne Eigenschaften by Robert Musil.

  4. Gaz: that’s a moggy for you! I once had a moggy that brought a half-dead bat in in the middle of the night. Wretched creature. If any animal can manage such feats it is a cat.

    Frauohneeigenschaften: alas, I am no longer the only Hun in the village!

    FEEG: catfish fish fingers are delicious. I make them with my own blend of herbs and spices.

  5. Christina, sorry, it should be an english blog.
    A bit late but:-
    Eine Taube auf dem Boden – A pidgeon on the floor
    Besser ein Spatz in der Hand als eine Taube auf dem Dach – It’s better to have a sparrow in the hand than a pidgeon on the roof
    Hut ab! – I take my hat off to you (or in this case the cat)

  6. Thanks Janus for welcoming you, no worries about Gaz, he is a really early bird, whereas I sometimes appreciate a little sleep in, like today after a long night of question time. Really looking forward to understand a bit more of your blogging. Cheers for now

  7. Hi Christophert and Sheona, yes we hope this time we are having the ‘right’ cat, some of them are really quite nasty and you never know, but ours was more or less rescued by us from the previous owner. Perhaps we are just a bit conceited thinking we are better catowners. This morning she did not know, if we were as proud of her as she was of herself killing a pigeon.

  8. Trust me to miss all the excitement!

    What a mess and a very wicked moggy, Gaz.

    A warm welcome to Mrs Gaz. I hope you enjoy the Chariot. ๐Ÿ™‚

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