Underrated: Either Or

The Either Or gig gets a bad press and it’s time to right this (or that) wrong. It’s all Either’s fault. Hate the Either. With Either multiple choices (ABCD, alright then ABC…or D) can be used. Either Land Rover Discovery, Range Rover, Volvo XC60 Or Ulrika Jonsson? Or is definitely a two horse race. Makes it simpler. Easier to bet on, better chances. Light or dark, black or white and so on and so forth. I wish that Either was also in binary code so that you could not utter an Either without an Or being in the vicinity. Love the Or. This bad guy, Either can do a runner and go solo like Han or Skid. We will leave Neither Nor for anorther day as I’ve still to make my mind up on those two. So it’s Either or Or.

Common Either Or’s are-

Coffee or tea?

Marvel or DC?

Winter or summer?

Complete lack of imagination is shown by the asker of those questions as they are so blatantly easy to answer. Either Or deserves better than that (or this) and Either Or can be chest expanded to extremes in its choices showing off the muscular beauty of Either Or. Pump those Eithers, press the Ors to the floor.

You might think Either Or is a piece of nonsense but that’s because you’ve been brought up to accept that Either Ors are boring. Well, they’re either boring or not boring depending on whether they bore you or not bore you. Four bores in one sentence, take a bore, son. Moving on from boredom to excitement let’s ramp up the tension and use a few words from the Saw franchise. As Jigsaw said- “live or die…make your choice” (with not an Either in sight)

In Search of Lost Time or Remembrance of Things Past?

Boadicea’s Chariot or Definitely not MYT?

Flip charts or slideshows?

Beckenbauer or Jack Bauer?

I would do anything or I wouldn’t do that?

Playing with figurine toys or keeping them in the box, unused, for potential future riches?

Shane Warne’s wrist or Warren Beatty’s fingertips?

I’m getting tired (non Either Or question)

Pepsi or cocaine, I mean, Coke?

The Wire or Breaking Bad?

Hansel or Gretel?

I’ve lost it now.

Dog or cat?


10 thoughts on “Underrated: Either Or”

  1. Was it not the Dane Søren Kierkegaard wot wrote a worthy tome entitled the very same? His drift was we should get off the fence and stop being hypocrites; only say/do anything if you mean it. (Oh dear, I’m geting serious again!)

  2. Hi JW

    It’s the looking for the hidden meaning even when it’s not there and the googling that I often have to do for your posts that make them so enjoyable.

    I thought that Ulrika-ka-ka was a ‘Shooting Stars’ reference to the popular Ford marque but then realised that she was being juxtaposed to another comfortable Swedish institution. The Skid Solo reference sped right by me until I googled and discovered that he had joined ‘Tiger’ after I left it .

    With the utmost respect, 2 and 3 are ‘neither/nors’ and not ‘either/ors’ for me. DC Thompson for ever and I’m an Autumn kind of guy.

    Some of the rest are ‘ands’ rather than ‘ors’. It should be Hansel and Gretel or the witch, for example. Moving on, some of the others are the same thing (or meme chose) as you well know.

    Your ‘I would do anything……….’ is, in part at least, disproved by Meatloaf, in my submission. It’s a ‘but’ from him.

    Only seven weeks to the first clash of the Championship Titans. I can hardly wait.

  3. S + J

    My fear of flying rules me out of the Mile High Club so it’s the 400 club for me. I’m halfway there.


    Got to be Gretel, Hansel was an untidy boy leaving Lionel messes all over the place. Nope, fair pigeons you called them all right. And not a Rangers hidden message among them. It took a lot of self control. Come on Holland.


    As you are now competing in competitions, I look forward to resuming our poetry partnership.

  4. G’day JW. It has to be wild boar – less dangerous to catch than Chewey Luis.


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