Underrated: Either Or

The Either Or gig gets a bad press and it’s time to right this (or that) wrong. It’s all Either’s fault. Hate the Either. With Either multiple choices (ABCD, alright then ABC…or D) can be used. Either Land Rover Discovery, Range Rover, Volvo XC60 Or Ulrika Jonsson? Or is definitely a two horse race. Makes it simpler. Easier to bet on, better chances. Light or dark, black or white and so on and so forth. I wish that Either was also in binary code so that you could not utter an Either without an Or being in the vicinity. Love the Or. This bad guy, Either can do a runner and go solo like Han or Skid. We will leave Neither Nor for anorther day as I’ve still to make my mind up on those two. So it’s Either or Or.

Common Either Or’s are-

Coffee or tea?

Marvel or DC?

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