Moving at last

I know I have been slightly conspicuous by my absence from cyber-space for a while, but I have been busy.

Daughter No.1 is to be married on 28th September, and we are moving house in early October. We are relocating to Dorset which was our intention about five years ago. If the telephone and broadband transfer goes smoothly, we shall be back on line on the 9th.

If nothing else we have made headway with clearing out heaps of rubbish and general unwanted clutter which we found in the attic, shed and cupboards. This has all been given away, recycled or consigned to landfill, and it’s taken an age.

10 thoughts on “Moving at last”

  1. Always thought Dorset is the most “chocolate box” county in the country. We moved about three weeks ago so I now know where each box is, even if we haven’t fully unpacked yet. Good luck on the day!

  2. Arrers, congrats on both events! Daughter No. 2 and family are moving to Dorset too. Must be something in the air – as well as some good schools and quality of leisure.

  3. Morning all.

    Thanks for your comments and best wishes.

    PapaG. It is all a bit exciting, but slightly scary.

    JamesL. Yes, it is a bit like that in places- some very pretty market towns and villages. I hate the unpacking bit. 😦

    Hi Janus. Dorset is not one of the worst places to live, I agree.

    JW. I am very much looking forward to the big day, but not quite so enthusiastic about the actual moving process. No 2 daughter and family are there, so I do have connections, although I do not know the area very well.

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