Fusion Ferret

It’s day 1 in the Big Beloved Bruvva Conclave and surprise surprise, the chimney spewed black smoke. Is this why I am more miffed than Chris Huhne’s milkman? Hell no.

What has gripped my ample furry rump is this.



That miserable lump of sputum on the right is Maria Ward the other excuse for a human being is her ex supervisor Gillie Christou.

They were the useless wastes of oxygen who were the social workers assigned to Baby P. These two were his only hope and they failed the poor little 17 month old Peter Connoly spectacularly. They were supposed to have visited the wretch on several occasions for the year leading up to his tragic murder. He was high on the “At Risk” register and these two were his last line of defence. The list of injuries and abuse were so extensive that even Stevie Wonder would have spotted something was awry.  However, these lazy, useless, contemptible trash not only believe they did nothing wrong but they have wasted everyones time and money taking the council to tribunal for unfair dismissal!!!!

If I had my way, they would be behind bars for criminal negligence at the very least. Grrrrrr.

6 thoughts on “Fusion Ferret”

  1. At least they lost, my Furious Furry One, but how could they even contemplate appealing? This is one of the sadder cases of many failures by people employed to safeguard vulnerable children.

  2. The very idea that civil servants should be responsible for their professional failures and even get fired for them! What is the world coming to?

  3. Agreed to your last para ferret.

    However, I have come to the conclusion that perhaps these kind of incidents are Darwinism at its best. The state now pays for undesirables to breed ad nauseam, the feral parasites are flooding everywhere with their despicable lifestyles and immoral corruption of society. The respectable who pay their way can no longer afford to breed.
    Allowed to continue, the gene pool will disintegrate pretty damned quickly.
    The fact that these children die through bad parenting is more than likely a good thing to even up the odds somewhat. In the past society swept them up as gun fodder in wars and killed them off in their millions, no longer so with drones and remote weapons. We have to get rid of them somehow, disease no longer does the job either.
    I am a firm believer in nature being as important as nurture, if not more so. I have seen it in my own family. My aunt was stupid enough to have adopted a child of a criminal and an unstable mother who committed suicide at the behest of serious armtwisting by the local Bishop. Sweet God what she hasn’t got up to in a lifetime!
    Her second husband went to jail for her attempted murder but had I known, I might well have aided and assisted him!!!

    Net result? The more that perpetrate such infanticide the better for the rest of us! More to the point, who wants one’s child to breed with such types? The young are far too egalitarian and choose not to see such differences during the first flush of sexual proclivity. By the time they come round, all too often the damage has been done and children of dubious genetic extraction have been bred.

    The best idea is to get rid of all social workers, fire the lot and encourage the sub classes to destroy as much of their progeny as possible!
    I would give a medal to that piece of filth that managed to burn 6 of them at once! We seriously do need a death sentence!

    I think that too many more kindly people within society think these specimens can be remediated into halfway civilised citizens. I do not agree from watching it for the last 20 years. Neither do I think people are adequately taking on board the consequences of overpopulation for this planet and their descendants.
    I do think that because I no longer have a dog in this race I have a far colder and more objective view of society and the planet than those that have the emotional involvement of children, grandchildren and a hope for the future.
    Too much just hoping for the future and too little making damned sure it will be all right in my book!

  4. Ever the shrinking violet Mrs O. You realy should stop all this wishy washy liberalism and take the occasional stand on an issue or two. 🙂

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