It’s an A for anabatic and a B for beaver’s tail,
With a C for coriolis and a D for downdraft hail.
El Nino Southern Oscillation, fogbow’s visibility.
Gustinado, glaciation, a hodograph, helicity.

Please excuse my insolation, intertropical I’d say.
Jet streaks all around; and graphed the kilopascal way.
Lenticular, the lapse-rate, mamma clouds and mesonets,
Northern lights and NGMs will end in orographic sweats.

Beware the popcorn (sic) convection; pressure sometimes causes that.
Psychrometric intervention; rossby waves both shear and flat.
Theta-e, a turkey tower, an ultraviolet extreme;
UTC and UVV, with a gentle warm advective stream.

Old X is out of favour here but yougs and yellow winds prevail.
Zones and zulu time, the solar zodiac brings up the tail.
You’ll wonder what on god’s own earth (!) this catalogue of terms can be?
I don’t count sheep. I list like this the words of meteorology.

Author: Janus

Hey! I'm back ...... and front

5 thoughts on “Weathermania”

  1. Fraid so!! I still have the textbooks from that course!

    We had quite a heavy course in meteorology at uni, taught by a mad Hungarian with the thickest accent ever! Strange, the boy had an equally mad Hungarian teaching him abstract pure mathematics at uni too, where maths hits philosophy, no one could understand a word he said! Quite funny really how many British unis use staff that no one can understand, somewhat counterproductive!!

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