12 thoughts on “Who is your favourite?”

  1. Hi OZ,

    That be she of the iconic bikini back in those prehistoric times. Quite nice.

    My choice appeared in a film called Condorman with Michael Crawford (that’s right, the Spencer guy) just before she became a Bondie. The film was diabolical with the only redeeming quality being Barbara’s good looks. As a teenager then I noted her and filed her for future reference. Soon she was captured by the Bond team. I was delighted that my scouting system was bearing fruit.

  2. Evenin’, JW. The hairy prehistoric bikini thing was worn by Raquel Welch in 10,000 Years BC and jolly fine it was too. Ursula wore the iconic white one with the big waist-belt and a knife to make Crocodile Dundee think twice.


  3. Difficult one. They are rather gorgeous in their own way, but my favourite is probably Daniela Bianchi

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