Photo competition No 31: Still Life

Still Life with Lemons on a Plate

The theme for this competition is Still Life, as in a pleasing, tasteful, witty, untidy or unusual arrangement of inanimate objects. The location of these objects is not restricted in any way: indoors, or out, home or abroad.

So, on the left we have Vincent van Gogh’s masterpiece and below, a rather less pleasing effort from me! Any number of interpretations are welcome and extra marks if you can link it to a painting. Thanks to Boadicea for setting me off on this train of thought.

Entries to be posted or linked here, before midnight on the 7th September 2012, please. Β Deadline extended to 14th September as requested.

33 thoughts on “Photo competition No 31: Still Life”

  1. I have never understood why such compositions are called ‘still life’, as there is nothing live about any of the objects therein.

  2. Still life… Because it captures a moment in daily life. Not an exciting, animated moment — not even an especially memorable moment. The purpose of the still life painting is to show, to display a mundane, common scene to show the beauty of it. A plate of fruit. It doesn’t matter when or where it was painted, the subject is universal.

  3. My hishaku has been held-up in Obamastani People’s Customs in New York for over a week now. (Why, oh why is it that it can go within one day from Kyoto to New York but can’t make it out of New York for over a week?)

  4. christophertrier :

    It’s now the 1st of September and the bloody hishaku has not yet left Obamastani customs. Could I perhaps ask for an extension?

    No problem, Christopher, I’m happy to make the deadline midnight on the 14th September if that would help. πŸ™‚

  5. This is not the image I wanted to take, but Obamastani People’s Customs still have not released the bloody hishaku after three weeks. Should it arrive, and at this point it’s approaching “lost in the mail” status, I will post a new picture.

  6. Evenin’ Araminta. I would love to enter your excellent competition, but Eff has hidden my camera’s battery charger. If I can locate same or alternatively catch the little minx in time then I shall post something.


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