Still life is a bowl of cherries

Usually I don’t enter the photo competitions. Simply because it is dangerous to cut about with a camera in my neck of the woods for a variety of reasons. Once a man goes beyond a certain age he is looked on as suspect when he starts taking snaps outdoors. Vigilante bands with pitchforks appear out of nowhere. Another basis for not photographing is the danger of catching a crime being committed in the background of your shot. This can annoy the criminal no end. They have been known on occasion to drop the plasma and attack the amateur paparazzi because a set of lens have been in the wrong place at the wrong time. As I treasure my skin I tend not to photograph in the neighbourhood.

This still life has still got some life in it.

Cherries and all those other wonderful mouth watering fruits you read about have never been delicacies on my diet. I have a predilection for chocolate, Kit-Kats in particular; it used to be penguins but it’s a long story. Really, it goes back to when I could have been indoctrinated to appreciate the marvel of fruits. Fruit is good for you is not the message a young mind wants to hear. Reverse psychology should have been applied.

Michael Gove would do well to use this technique for the youth of today. Fruit is bad for you, alcohol is good for you. Fruit is bad for you, alcohol is good for you. Fruit is bad for you, alcohol is good for you. Drumming this into empty heads could lead to a massive outbreak of fruit devourers. This would make it safer for photographers as instead of a wine bottle being lobbed at your head by hoodlums, it would be a mouldy apple.

8 thoughts on “Still life is a bowl of cherries”

  1. Oh, I say. Well-played sir,

    Mind, I get the tomatoes, as represented by what I strongly suspect to be half-sized snooker balls, and the unused cricket ball being cherries. It’s also a lovely Jock touch to set them in what is clearly some sort of deep-frying chip basket or similar. Lost with the pool balls, unless they are also virginal.

    Are they some some sort of Weegie usage which I am not getting?

    Talking of virgins, I am happy that Templeton enjoyed his first time as a Hun. No great loss to us. We had the best of him. He will thrive against 3D defences but he’s too slight to make it in the big time, in my opinion. And no Scotland caps coming his way for at least two years now. Could be a huge mistake by his agent.

  2. Haw, my castle-dwelling cousin.

    David Cooper Templeton did a good job today and pleasing to see that we had the second biggest crowd in Britain this weekend. A bigger crowd at a D3 game against Elgin than there were at the satanic donkey derby yesterday.

    The pool balls only included for their fruity colours. Roary, sheepy Aberdeen red for the tomatoes and a maroony jambo colour for the cherries that were a bit off today at Tynie. Purely coincidental that the pool balls are all odd numbers.

    And you’re right. In hindsight, a deep fried Mars Bar (or Kit-Kat) in the bowl would have made the picture more nourishing.

  3. Very good TR

    I’m sure that your compilation will receive the attention that it deserves from this month’s judge.

    Is that some sort of copyright (©) indicator at the bottom? Good idea, I would hate to see this on the front page of National Geographic (or similar) without the correct accreditation 😉

  4. Us professional photographers always copyright our work, Soutie. It distinguishes the original from the replicas that are sure to follow. 😉

    J, you are looking at what mathematicans call The Liberace sequence. A random succession of odd ball numbers just like what the maestro used to play with… on his piano.

    Well spotted eagle eyeball Pseu.

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