Results Photo Competition #30

Many thanks for the photos. There were just five entries, all extremely interesting:

LW’s entry of an obviously much loved and well-used recliner.

FEEG’s photo of an equally well-sat upon garden seat.

Araminta’s picture of chair over-loaded with teddy bears.

JM’s amusing snap of a deckchair.

and Pseu’s delightful image of a seat that is no longer a seat!

Very hard to make a decision – but in the end I chose….

Araminta – and not because she used bears to enhance her picture! But because, like Gogh, she had added something more to her chair.

Over to you Araminta!

9 thoughts on “Results Photo Competition #30”

  1. Blimey, thank you, Boadicea. 🙂

    I don’t know about this over-loaded with bears business, you should have seen the disappointment on the faces of those teddies who were rejected!

    And thanks for the congratulations Christopher and Nym.

    I’ll have a think about the next subject, I think we must have covered most of them by now, but I’m sure there must be something we’ve missed!

  2. Well done, Ara. I should obviously have nicked Mrs FEEG’s cuddly Womble, Alexsandr Orlov Meerkat and PG Tips monkey to add to the atmosphere on our seat. 🙂

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