16 thoughts on “Still Life with Flowers”

  1. I’m not sure this has been the best year to judge… I put in three varieties and only two came up, but they have been fantastic, with little tending from me.
    The corms are frost tender, so I believe most people lift them and store them over winter, then put them out as you would potatoes, after the risk of frosts.

    I put them in with a line or two of gladioli which have also been fantastic.

  2. Nice, Nym. I’ve never been keen on dahlias, but it’s an old prejudice and many flowers I hated in the past have many pretty varieties these days. Gladioli remind me (naturally) of Dame Edna, but none the worse for that. I positively cooed over a stunning display of white gladioli at my neighbour’s house yesterday, but I love white flowers anyway.

  3. Hello Pseu. Flowers don’t rock my boat as I may have told you before. Thank you for telling me that is a dahlia, I’d never have known.
    Nice vase. I’m guessing you could get three pints of beer in there.

  4. Bilby, yes, Dame Edna flowers!

    Mr Royalist, that vase is no more than half a pint, at the very most!

  5. Nym, nice dahlias but I find the composition a little lop-sided (techie expression). I checked with V v Gogh and think you need the flowers in the centre.

  6. OZ, Bilby said,
    “Gladioli remind me (naturally) of Dame Edna, but none the worse for that” with which I agreed!

    Janus, it was the asymmetry, the rough ‘rule of thirds’ and the side lighting that drew me to take this shot… but I may be wrong.

  7. Just to say that if you want to keep these in Oxfordshire you had better lift them in October, they will not take the frosts there most years. Best kept in white sand or ashes in a frost free but cool place overwinter.
    They are gross feeders, when you set them out in spring they need a great dollop of manure under each one, you will have many more flowers.

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