12 thoughts on “Unfit for purpose”

  1. Forgive me in advance for my tendency to dwell in my own little world…

    This bench is beautiful. It reminds me of something that a Japanese scholar visiting Britain in the early 20th century wrote about. I suspect it was Natsume Soseki, but I could well be mistaken. British friends invited him for a small garden party. As they were walking past a few stones the Japanese man remarked “this moss is really quite lovely”. His hosts, slightly offended, replied “oh, that? Well, we well be rid of that soon”.
    The Japanese found it truly beautiful, something worthy of cultivation. The British hosts found it rather less so, a bothersome obstacle that had to be removed. This bench reminds me of that moss. It’s really quite lovely.

  2. I have to agree with chris, I too think it is quietly elegant. all it needs is new wood slats and a matt coat of paint on the metal.
    Next time have it fitted with cedar, it will see you out without having to paint the wood that detracts from its grace.
    Do not buy a new one.

  3. Oh well, there goes my entry – I had a similar one in mind. Nice photo, Pseu, I like it a lot – I agree with Christina, too, a new one would need a few years to acquire the same charm.

  4. I have plans to replace the seat slats… it’s finding the right person to do it for me that’s holding me up! It’s probably beyond my skills

  5. Forget about restoration work, Pseu. Let it deteriorate further. Old buildings and paintings that are restored have lost their original lustre. All things have a shelf life. The bench has seen a lot of bums in its time. Let it rest in peace with its memories: the pigeons, the rain, the trysts…

  6. Mr Royal, that’s all very well, but I can’t at the moment sit upon the bench and therefore it serves only a decorative purpose, which is not quite enough, for me….

  7. You need a decent working chippie, if those slats aren’t rounded just so it will be very uncomfortable.
    Plenty in the High Wycombe area if you can find none locally. Try Banbury too.

  8. thanks Christina. I have someone in mind, but its pinning him down that’s the problem 🙂

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