Chairs – Photo Competition No 30

Chairs have been much on my mind the last few days. With more living space we’ve had to buy extra furniture – and I’ve been looking for new seating. I found just the thing – a huge round almost two seater. I’m not sure that Bearsy likes it – but I do!

I wanted to set a competition with a subject that anyone could find in their own home – and I remembered this painting. It’s always amazed me that a picture of an uncomfortable chair can be ‘worth’ a fortune.

So the competition this time is a photo of a chair – as artistically arranged as you can make it!

The deadline is  12.00 midnight UK time Saturday 18th of August.

26 thoughts on “Chairs – Photo Competition No 30”

  1. Boa, I’m trying to visualise “a huge round almost two seater” – do you have a pic?

  2. Hello Boadicea. Like yourselves I have been moving, in my case from two houses into one, quite a job trying to fit the contents of a four bedroom house into an already furnished three bedroom. Lots had to go and there is lots left to be picked up by those who said they would and if not them those who always will (the charity folk). Attached is a picture of one side of my workshop artistically arranged therein is a very comfortable but unwanted chair, maybe one of it’s last useful functions should be an entry in the 30th piccy contest.

  3. Oh LW, you have my empathy n times over!
    Got that t shirt too many times to contemplate.
    The Pembrokeshire place was quite large for 1 person, 4 beds, so when the boy bought his flat in Brum I said help yourself. He furnished the whole place from me and misappropriated rather a lot of antiques too the little swine!
    When he was ill and I moved back and opened up the house again I insisted he sent some of the stuff back.
    so the same guys were despatched to get it again. Over the next two years every time he went home to Brum he would annex this that or the other and every time I went to Brum I would snatch back another selection.
    When he died, the same guys took all the stuff back to Brum to be packed for shipping here. Fortunately they were all friends and neighbours in Pembs, I’m quite sure they thought we were bonkers, noting that they had left half this stuff in Brum so how come it was back in Pembs?
    Don’t ask, I said!
    When I left Pembs and had shipped the good stuff I opened the house and let everyone know to help themselves! Couldn’t be bothered to sell it by then! Literally strangers off the street coming in, young kids mainly just starting off.
    A charity cleared what I didn’t give away.
    Funnily enough this week a friend of mine from Swansea was commissioned to go down and make sure nothing was left before the sale transfer. She found a good miele vacuum cleaner and a nice wicker chair in the attic! All I wanted was some coloured net curtains. So that was a worthwhile trip for her.
    I swear I have the most peripatetic furniture in the world. Some of that stuff has been across the Atlantic 5, yes, 5 times!
    Should be gold plated by now!
    My best wishes.
    LW I remember that you said you were moving into your town house are you getting rid of your creek residence and what will you do with your new boat?

  4. CO: if I may dare, by raising a son with eminently good taste you created someone who would naturally pick the best. Sometimes there is such a thing as being too good.

  5. Boaddicea : Apologies for subverting your comp. post, I have been too busy in the last few days to post anything meaningful.

    Hello Mrs O: I have sold the town house (that may be the subject of a long blog moan in the future) and will now live permanently at the Creek, the boat is fifty feet away from my window. Having no family within 3,500 miles means that most of the surplus stuff will go to charity. I too had a neighborhood “giveaway” and was delighted that people came and selected something they wished to have often “just something to remember you with” We did live on the street for thirty five years, also unusual for the peripatetic USA.

  6. Bravo: A potlatch indeed, a fine tradition when not carried to the extreme of impoverishing the giver. I always seem to get more pleasure when giving away than when receiving, My theory is that both cases involve stuff one does not really want and in the giving case the recipient really does.

  7. LW sorry I got it the wrong way round! I knew you were selling one/moving but just got the wrong end of the stick! Honestly once I had removed the family stuff I got so fed up with this peripatetic furniture that for two pins I’d have dragged it in the street and burnt it! I’ve still got the flat in Brum fully furnished down to the sheets and towels, fortunately the girl who rented it hadn’t got more than a couple of suitcases so she was glad to have it. I think the habit of moving here is more urban than rural as it is in the UK. I know people here who live in the original homestead their ancestors pioneered and still farm it. One nifty advantage to log cabins is that they can be extended easily!

  8. LW re your #12. Despite having to buy more furniture for this house, we’ve also had to dispose of other items – such as a freezer which was redundant after buying a large fridge / freezer. I’m delighted that we found ‘free homes’ for all of it.

    I hate throwing things away that might be of use to someone else – but once it’s served its purpose for me I really can’t see the point of trying to sell it. That, of course, does not apply to houses and cars!

    No problems with subverting post 🙂

  9. Here is our old, beloved, weather beaten garden chair. It is definitely for two,, but more angular than circular!

  10. Boadicea, good morning.

    I was sitting under Prince Albert yesterday, as one does at this time of year in Embra, waiting for the book event which I was attending, when I saw this for your competition.

    Every deckchair tells a story at the Edinburgh International Book Festival.

  11. Ara, lovely bear chair.
    JM, do you know if those deckchairs are for sale anywhere? Quite fancy a couple for the garden!

  12. Pseu :

    Ara, lovely bear chair.
    JM, do you know if those deckchairs are for sale anywhere? Quite fancy a couple for the garden!

    Pseu, good evening

    I’ll check it out this weekend when I’m next back there. I’ll be in touch.

  13. Pseu :

    Ara, lovely bear chair.
    JM, do you know if those deckchairs are for sale anywhere? Quite fancy a couple for the garden!

    Hi Nym, I missed this comment, but thank you. Shameless exploitation of the judge’s interest in all things ursine, but appreciate this will not influence the decision.

    Yes, I think the deckchairs brilliant!

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