Fast Bizz (lunch is for wimps)

We’re your friends, we’re your friends
We’re your friends to the bitter end (the bitter end)

If you need to transact
We’ll be on your case
Right to the death
We’ll send you to the right place
We’re friends with every financial institution of the human race
In – fact – we – never – met – a – CEO – we – didn’t – hate
(DIDNNN’TT HATE)- we – didn’t – hate

So you can see
That we oversee
The deals and opportunities
No stone left unturned
In our market of futures and securities
We love to take the bullsy by the horns (BY THE HORNS)
And give the bearsy a crown of thorns (CROWN OF THORNS)
That’s – what – we – do
For – you (For YOOOOOOUUU)

We’re as fast, as a high speed lift
That’s why, why we’re called Swift

Oh, We’re called Swift
Oh, We’re called Swift
Oh, We’re called Swift
Oh, We’re called Swift

* * * * *
SWIFT: Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication

8 thoughts on “Fast Bizz (lunch is for wimps)”

  1. Nice one TR.

    I had a similar theme working around in my head, I was trying to get my last stanza to finish with Bob Diamond saying So What I’ll Fix Them 🙂

  2. Mr Royalist, this is mighty fine.
    Personally I like the same track – ‘I reached the top and had to stop, and that’s what’s bothering me’ being the line that is mostly quoted!

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