Seventh Photo Competition

Rising as always to the bait, and as OZ would say grasping the poison chalice, without (in this case) the joy of success in the previous. I set the bounds of the next as follows.

The subject is HOME (one I am looking forward to after three weeks on the water) anything that evokes it is OK.

To OZ a cave perhaps
To JanH the Somerset levels
To Sipu a palace
To Bravo an aeroplane
To CWJ that castle in Scotland
To Ferret (c’mon try it) a pencil factory on the north
To me a small and gentle creek.

Whatever and wherever it is let’s see it in colour.

No manipulation (cropping allowed)
No time frame, archival footage is OK
Closing April 20 24:00 hrs GMT

Good luck.

Author: Low Wattage

Expat Welshman, educated (somewhat) in UK, left before it became fashionable to do so. Now a U.S. Citizen, and recent widower, playing with retirement and house remodeling, living in Delaware and rural Maryland (weekends).

23 thoughts on “Seventh Photo Competition”

  1. LW Thank you for stepping in. I have a monumental task ahead of me – I was volunteered a month or so ago by the local NADFAS chairman to provide digital imaging for computerised record purposes of the entire collection of The Highlanders’ Museum at Fort George – there are some 34,000 items in total. There are two of us, volunteer photographers, each working with two other recording volunteers, on a once-a-week basis. Unfortunately the terms of the contract, unpaid though it is, forbid me from disseminating any of the photography, fascinating as much of it is. It is partially a labour of love, as it is the base from where the original “coldwaterjohn” my grandfather, served with the Seaforth Highlanders. For tyhose that don’t know, Fort George is tghe largest fortification in Europe – Edinburgh Castle would fit on the Parade Ground at Fort George…

  2. LW: I have posted a slideshow of some seventy of my Scottish castles on my own blog – I love the atmosphere of these ancient buildings, and their history. Until I ran a tag check on my portfolio, I hadn’t realized quite how many of them I had 🙂
    Just for fun, viewers may like to try to put a name to those which are not identified. Don’t cheat by going into my media store! Clue to one f them: Can you see Prince Philip shaking his umbrella angrily at me in the sky above him, from his front lawns?

  3. OK, LW, it has been really difficult to find anything, but I think this photograph is very much Henley on Thames. It was taken some time ago and I’m not sure if the shop is still there!

  4. (It was a little confusing having two posts about this competition with the same title, but I see another word has been added to the more recent one! ‘reminder’)

  5. Phew, I can now resume normal activities.

    It’s almost time for my daily battle with HM Revenue and Customs, or whatever the thugs call themselves now.

  6. Strewth, don’t mention HMRC, I’ve having an extended battle with them – they have got some facts wrong, some of them even acknowledge that they’ve got their facts wrong, but they’re still not correcting the negative effect on one of my pensions, which is small enough to start off with.

    HMRC? The pits! 😥

  7. Yes, they are the pits, and they don’t even bother answering most of their calls.

    It’s almost impossible to speak to the same person twice, and I get a different story every time!

  8. Sorry Ara, I can see your picture, I was looking on the wrong post, I gave both posts the same name, (dumb move)

    Re: HMRC, you bunch of wimps, wonderful people, at least I can get my tax forms in Welsh from them if I ask nicely, try dealing with HMRC, the IRS and Canada Revenue Agency (Agence du Revenu du Canada) all on an annual basis.

  9. Here’s my entry, it’s rather a long story so I wrote a post about it here

    It’s the new home of Autism Eastern Cape

  10. Another Tokyo Picture, I decided just to use this picture as my picture idea was just to take another photograph of a cuppa. In Trier, for all the chav-like tendencies of the local population, every afternoon people sit down to have a cup of coffee. It doesn’t matter where it is — Tokyo, Taipei, Sutter Creek, or Trier — a cup of coffee makes anything feel just a little bit more like home.

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