6 thoughts on “Nature’s got it right.”

  1. Hearts of Oak

    Come, cheer up, my lads, ’tis to glory we steer,
    To add something more to this wonderful year;
    To honour we call you, as freemen not slaves,
    For who are so free as the sons of the waves?

    (Chorus sung once…)
    Heart of oak are our ships, jolly tars are our men,
    we always are ready; Steady, boys, steady!
    We’ll fight and we’ll conquer again and again.

    We ne’r see our foes but we wish them to stay,
    They always see us and they wish us away;
    If they run, we will follow, we will drive them ashore,
    And if they won’t fight, we can do no more.
    (Chorus sung once…)

    We’ll still make them feel and we’ll still make them flee,
    And draw them much lower as we guard them at sea,
    Then cheer up, my lads, with one heart let us sing,
    Oh soldiers, oh sailors, oh statesmen, and king.
    (Final Chorus sung twice…)

  2. oldmovieguy :

    He’s probably akip now, seems a nice bloke. let’s wish him well.

    Thanks OMG, if you meant me. I believe I am a charming fellow, though there are those who disagree.

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