I’ve just posted this on my page, but I thought this one could do with a bit of cheering up too, so let’s hear it for the one, the only, the truly gorgeous and extremely lovable Cat!

(applause, cheers etc)

Author: Isobel

I like animals, colour, the Thames, reading, cooking, writing, eating, walking I don't like bullies, butchers' shops, crowded public transp

30 thoughts on “Smile!”

  1. Hello Isobel

    I appear to have jumped the gun 😦

    It won’t play for me, I trotted off to youtube to try there and got the message

    “This video is not yet processed.”

    I’ll try again a bit later.

  2. I haven’t used youtube that much to have an idea, the problem is obviously with your account there (certainly not here) perhaps you didn’t finish the upload correctly and it hasn’t closed off properly, try and upload it again with a different name.

  3. Ah, I’m smiling now! My lovely boy being appreciated! Pause while I have fond and soppy moment. Green ink was a surprise to me too. i obviously unwittingly pressed something. So you like it do you? I hope it has achieved the objective of making you smile Araminta. πŸ™‚
    I have more…
    But this is my first attempt to upload to YouTube so i am feeling quite (in the British sense) proud of myself.

  4. Super; well done!

    What a talented boy and so photogenic (all animals are, of course). More Cat moments please, Isobel. I’m sure a fan club is in the offing. πŸ˜€

  5. Thank you for that clip, isobeland (particularly)cat. What a clever boy he is! How he managed not toknock them over is a mystery.

  6. Coming over loud and clear here, Cat. You need to empty the vase and flowers over the floor and push the former out of the window next time.

    Das FΓΌrballen.

  7. Araminta, I am glad. I had a look at some of the other posts on here and it ddin’t look as tho’ you were having a terribly fun time. Impressed by his love of flowers?
    Bilby, well I posted another little one on my page too, and with v little encouragement i shall be videoing him and posting clips from now til kingdom come.
    Sheona, all my vases have lots of glass pebbles and marbles in the bottom of thgem to try to weight them down. I think you can guess why!
    OZ, nooooo, don’t encourage him! He’s also learned recently how to open some drawers and one of these days I am going to go flying.
    Pseu, heading over there now…

  8. Isobel – Nothing to do with me. You need to look at the sugnature rather than whose avatar the little barsquets have hijacked (again). Personally, I’d have drop-kicked the ginger vandal straight out of the window.


  9. I clicked onto this post and was transported to the rose vid clip, Isobel. Nice, but how did that happen? Confused of H-on-T.

  10. OZ! Such threats of violence! My poor boy! 😦
    Bilby – that is very strange I do not know. The roses one is on my page but not here.
    But does this mean you are enjoying watching Cat in action more than once?! πŸ™‚

  11. Yes, a very short clip, but I like the way he takes a bow at the end of that one! Now I must get him in from his night time mooch and get off to bed. Sweet dreams and I’ll post some more on my page soon. Goodnight Bilby.

  12. Psst! Cat! – The big, hairy growly thing has retired to the recesses of The Cave, but could wake at any moment. Take a frop-kick out of the window (or even down the valley for that matter) as the lesser of the two options. He keeps referring to us as warm, furry, meaty things and he drools. We are nervous. 😦

    Nighty night.

    Das FΓΌrballen.

  13. Bilbu when you click on Isobel at the side it takes you straight to her own page. The same happens with mine. I think its because I have my own blog as a ‘primary blog’ and this as the secondary one. (Don’t tell Bearsy, he may et upset. )

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