Oberon and Titania watched by a Harridan

The stock in trade of painter Richard Dadd (1817-1886) was fairies as depicted in his most famous work The Fairy Fellers Master-Stroke. The multiple characters in the painting were immortalised on vinyl by the rock band Queen on their eponymous second album Queen II. Dadd’s picture is filled with tiny, meticulous detail and was nine years in the making but remained unfinished at his death. This is yet another one of those unfinished Master-Strokes that artistes leave lying around. The painter wrote a guide book about the painting signifying the various tasks assigned to the hundreds of fairies he had illustrated. Continue reading “Oberon and Titania watched by a Harridan”

Lullaby with a Y

When children are knee-high to a grasshopper it is customary for responsible parents to put their babies to sleep with relaxing stories or music or to hum to them. After exhausting my supply of exhilarating tractor tales (and this was long before Bob the Builder, by the way) it was evident that sleep was not on the agenda for the offspring. The only thing for it was to sing to them. The following song always done the trick for my boys. I got the feeling they fell asleep so I wouldn’t sing any more songs. The vocalist in the video sings a wee bit better than me.

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Overrated: Brian May

I bet you weren’t expecting this one.

Dr Brian Harold May CBE was the lead guitarist with the acclaimed rock band, Queen. Brian’s achievements in the world of music and outside music are too numerous to mention here. Suffice to say the university educated astrophysicist has hoovered up lots of honours. Principally, I would imagine because he is dynamite with a guitar in his hands.

It is well-known and not just in Queenland that Brian with his dad’s help created his own guitar before he was famous, the axe is affectionately known as the Red Special. The unique sounding guitar was played on all the albums and made Queen’s music distinctive from the rest. So far, so good.

Queen can do no wrong for me as you probably know. I always believed there were two geniuses at play in the world of Queen. Latterly, I have been downgrading that rating. There was only one. Continue reading “Overrated: Brian May”