Portugal win !

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Ja well.

Members may well have read my comments about the standard of journalism in my local read. It’s awful, it’s been awful for years and unfortunately it’s going to be awful for many years to come.

This is a scan of the main story on the back page of today’s E.P.Herald.

Thankfully I only buy the thing for the DT cryptic crossword.

Mark Ogden, the apparent writer of this garbage is of course a Daily Telegraph journalist, in fact the article is credited to “© Daily Telegraph” (full scan of article here)

I wonder how Mr Ogden feels about this?

For the record it was Spain who won 4-2 on penalties to send Portugal packing.


For OZ – Another view of Portugal

The Algarve.  One good set of pics deserves another, OZ but I’m afraid these are predictable tourist snaps rather than any kind of indicator of what the Algarve is all about.   We were there maybe six years back staying with friends near Albufeira. Away from the touristy stuff and the beaches, we found cork forests, atmospheric towns, pretty villages, good restaurants, painted boats and a rich history of oceanic adventure and discovery. Continue reading “For OZ – Another view of Portugal”