Portugal win !

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Ja well.

Members may well have read my comments about the standard of journalism in my local read. It’s awful, it’s been awful for years and unfortunately it’s going to be awful for many years to come.

This is a scan of the main story on the back page of today’s E.P.Herald.

Thankfully I only buy the thing for the DT cryptic crossword.

Mark Ogden, the apparent writer of this garbage is of course a Daily Telegraph journalist, in fact the article is credited to “© Daily Telegraph” (full scan of article here)

I wonder how Mr Ogden feels about this?

For the record it was Spain who won 4-2 on penalties to send Portugal packing.


Roman all over the park

Now and again you watch an individual performance on the football field that takes the breath away. Andrea Pirlo, take a bow. If England fans think that Steven Gerrard is world class what must they think of you? Pirlo is the type of guy who plays the game without breaking sweat; he never seems to be running or under pressure. Although the quarter-final tie between England and Italy went to penalties that the Italians won, Pirlo was majestic throughout, even dinking his penalty kick over the falling, didn’t do his homework properly, Joe Hart.

The word in the community is that Pirlo makes Xavi look ordinary. For those that eschew the folly of the oval shaped game, here’s a little video tribute to the maestro or as some in the community call him- the Hammer of the English.

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