Don’t trust the fridge

“We trust the fridge” said the oriental-looking stand up guy, Michael McIntyre. Sadly, the comedian’s observation was wrong. Before going away it is sensible to shut down all electrical appliances, excluding the fridge, to prevent, in the worst case scenario, a house fire due to faulty electrics. My friend followed this rule but on his return from holiday he found his fridge had conked out and his kitchen flooded. He didn’t have one of the more modern frost free models. Not only were the goods in his cooler ruined there was also a penetrating pungent smell in the room. Something was off. That’s a shame.

Personally, I’ve not returned from a trip to find a calamity. Not unless you count the number of enveloped bills that have built up behind the door.

Meet Cheeky – Super Clown

Some may recall my post on the flooding in these parts last July, in it I pictured the flooded road to my brother’s house (Seaview Rd) the water is still there (it has nowhere to go) and the road is still closed however…

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Low light and peaceful

When the fitter said he couldn’t turn off the stop-cock I decided to go for a walk. Better be out, I thought, if there’s going to be a flood.

I left the house after three o’clock and by the time I’d done my deliveries and postings I decided to walk back the long way, through the Churchyard and park. The light was like golden-syrup, the sun low in the sky and here just throwing light onto the old yew tree, over the Churchyard wall. It was so very peaceful and still. In the air a slight scent of woodsmoke.

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