Meet Cheeky – Super Clown

Some may recall my post on the flooding in these parts last July, in it I pictured the flooded road to my brother’s house (Seaview Rd) the water is still there (it has nowhere to go) and the road is still closed however…

Meet Cheeky Watson Ha ha

Hats off to Cheeky for getting us Super rugby next year, also to the fact that The E.P. Kings are currently top of the Currie Cup 1st division log and look almost certainties for contention in The Currie Cup proper next year and to his family member who took this picture so that we could all savour the moment.

. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ .

(Picture and report from my daily read of Sept 3, 2012)

12 thoughts on “Meet Cheeky – Super Clown”

  1. We also think that with a decent front row (where’s FEEG & JM when you need them?) and a couple of Locks we’d have had him out in 5 minutes! πŸ™‚

  2. Good morning Soutie.

    You can tell he was a winger when you look at the angle at which he is pushing. He will never get a decent shove on like that.

    But what an interesting and controversial man! I have just spent a good half hour googling him and my wanderings have taken me past Cheeky himself, his son Luke, Jake White, John Smit, Peter de Villiers, the Pentecostal Church and a few other people and places.

    I strongly suspect that there is a Jock strand in the Watson family ancestry. Father and son both seem to me to have that stubborn non-conformist and often self-righteous streak which is common among us and which makes people either like or loathe my nation. We Scots are truly the Marmite of the human race and the Watsons would fit in here very well on those grounds alone. In my opinion.

    Luke, in particular, is a fascinating character with his religious beliefs and principles. Shades of Eric Liddell although I don’t think the latter every got round to getting a biblical quotation tattoo.

    Talking of 400 metre Gold Medal winners, well done to the boy Oscar. His won was roared home by the entire crowd last night and was a fitting climax to the whole splendid festival that has been the Olympic Park and London 2012.

    More importantly, it really cheered me up, Saffa sport supporting wise, given that the wrong SA teams had managed to respectively lose and win earlier in the day.

  3. John Mackie :

    Good morning Soutie.

    You can tell he was a winger when you look at the angle at which he is pushing. He will never get a decent shove on like that.

    Ha ha πŸ™‚

    Of course I remember well his ‘defection’ to the KWARU ranks (we’re similar ages) nothing to do with the fact that he and his family had a business concern selling to the mass market of course.

    He’s well connected, he promised us Super rugby and we’ll have it next year, good for him.

    Luke is of course Captain of The Kings, he’s on an astronomical salary, apparently we had to match what he was earning at Bath to secure his signature, it’s a lot of money, no wonder Cheeky is having to drive through hell and high water looking for sponsorships πŸ˜‰

    Delighted for Oscar

    Pathetic performance against the Aussies and the cricket? Well the 4 ODI’s were one-sided affairs and now this, a good win of course but more evenly matched games would be much more preferable.

  4. Soutie :

    ‘Pathetic performance against the Aussies …..’

    Soutie, agreed. The usually mighty Bokke were pretty non-impressive, especially when you consider how poor the Aussies were, particularly in their ‘tactical’ kicking.

    Does Meyer have a future in the job?

  5. Glad to see your Pistorius finally won a his 400m gold medal, Soutie. He beat the Brazilian lad too. Were they both wearing the same blades as they wore in the 200m? If so, it rather knocks Oscar’s argument on the head.

  6. John Mackie :

    Does Meyer have a future in the job?

    Hello JM

    We’ll see, don’t hold much hope for Saturday in Dunedin. Etzebeth cited for a head-butt, Habana and Du Plessis injured 😦

  7. Sheona the commentators said that Oliveira (the Brazalian lad) was wearing his longer blades, he ran a personal best which perhaps adds weight to Oscar’s argument, Oscar ran a slower time than in his semi at the ‘main event’ although he did appear to cruise the last 30 meters or so.

  8. I hope the Battle of the Blades doesn’t fade with the closing ceremony. Otherwise we’ll have to listen to it all over again in Rio. Nothing more boring than a discussion of the rules.

  9. Soutie, it just seems that Pistorius is more of a 400m runner and Oliveira more of a 200m man. It’s not usual to find an athlete outstanding in both distances.

  10. Janus :

    Nothing more boring than a discussion of the rules.

    Janus, it is discussion of the rules that keeps the lawyers and journalists busy and the administrators in their jobs. It is the nature of the profession. It has little to do with sport. It is a bit like fishing, which has nothing to do witch catching fish, but all to do with making an arse of yourself standing in cold water and untangling your line. Do I sound bitter after my day on the Beauly?

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