I started writing this as a comment on Janus’s post but got a bit carried away. As I did not want to hijack his, (I am considerate that way), I decided to write my own.

I have mentioned that I came from a large family. Living in the Tropics meant that the hours of daylight were fairly constant throughout the year. About 11 hours in winter and 13 hours in summer. In a farming community not a great deal went on after dark, especially during the week. We did not have television at home and so we spent our evenings together talking, reading and playing games. My mum taught us at home until the age of 10 when we were sent off to boarding school. Continue reading “Childhood”

Dashing through the air


£15 a head for WiFi access overnight? In a posh place around the corner from Heathrow? Sheesh… Even Starbucks have their access free now – and who would have thought I’d have a single good thing to say about the places?


After several days of hard work, poor health, and as many curve balls as I could possibly handle, I’m finally off for a much-deserved fortnight in Greece with my side of the family. There will be limited internet there, so I may drop by with something extra quaint, concerning either the spousal unit’s linguistic vagaries or the latest additions to the list of victims of Spawn’s overwhelming charm. I’ll be back with more snark when we return!