Happy Easter!

…to us Easterners. Still not the same without mageiritsa, but the midnight service had a particularly cozy feeling.

The outdoor bit was finger-numbingly chilly, however, so I wondered how much booze was running in the veins of the clubbing girls we saw while walking back, the kind in dishtowel-sized dresses and skyscraper-high heels.

Here’s to successful negotiations, later in the month, about taking over St Martin’s church permanently. It’s a listed building, so it’s not going to fall to ruin, but it would be much better put back to its original use.


I know I’m slow… maybe it’s because I don’t watch much TV, but at the weekend I discovered that Cadbury are making and selling creme eggs now and colouring them differently, using green… and marketing them as ‘Screme Eggs’ for the Halloween market.
(I really don’t like Halloween anyway: I am appalled by the amount of tat produced and don’t want anything to do with ‘trick or treating’ having seen what it can do to elderly frail nerves.) Continue reading “Ghoulish”