Happy Easter!

…to us Easterners. Still not the same without mageiritsa, but the midnight service had a particularly cozy feeling.

The outdoor bit was finger-numbingly chilly, however, so I wondered how much booze was running in the veins of the clubbing girls we saw while walking back, the kind in dishtowel-sized dresses and skyscraper-high heels.

Here’s to successful negotiations, later in the month, about taking over St Martin’s church permanently. It’s a listed building, so it’s not going to fall to ruin, but it would be much better put back to its original use.

6 thoughts on “Happy Easter!”

  1. I had that once in Greece, and I must say found it pretty disgusting. Shame.
    Had two Easters that year as the Greek one is celebrated at a slgihtly differnt time to ours.

  2. Mageiritsa is VERY much an acquired taste, so I can’t fault anyone for not liking it. Even among us Greeks, who have been raised with it as a matter of course, there’s the faction that loves it and the faction that loathes it – no middle ground whatsoever.

  3. Not a tatse I could ever take as I detest offal.
    As for the eggs I remember as a kid red eggs all over the house and feeling quite egg bound as we had to eat the damn things. But we cracked them with glee to see whose egg broke as we said Christos Anesti.

    As for Greek Easter being a different time I would like to point out that it is in fact the Catholic/Protestant Easter that is the wrong time. The Greeks still go by the original calendar for setting the dtae. However Pope Gregory was an educated Pope and an astrologist, he worked out the year was not 365 days but 365 1/4 days so intoriduced the leap year; but to do so he had to adjust the calendar by (I think) 13 days to put us right by the sun, this was done in April and all those that did not adjust their days were called April fools.

  4. I remember that after the ending of the Easter fast, the hospitals were overflowing with people with serious effects of overeating. Nice.

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