Magic: JW’s Poetry Competition

On a bladderwracked, forsaken isle,
all swirled about with wind-blown gulls,
a wild man keeps his hut and hearth,
eschewing what he held most dear;
awash in toxic madness.

A giant monster, gnarled and raving,
marked by sun and raging winds,
bewitched beneath a pregnant moon,
and twisted like a mandrake root;
harbouring ancient sins.

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Killer Whales, Dolphins, Sardines and Algoa Bay – The video

This magnificent picture of a family of Orcas graced the front page of my morning newspaper today, Orcas (Killer Whales) spotted in Algoa Bay this past weekend, a rare occurrence indeed. Well that’s what I thought, they apparently arrive here every year at about this time for a month or so, we’ve always considered it a rare occurrence because they haven’t been pictured more than a couple of times previously but with more and more people enjoying the bay and camera technology improving I have a feeling that we’ll be having more and more sightings along with the proof.

Scanned from my newspaper hence the poor quality

Every year at about this time we have a sardine run, massive shoals of sardines move up our east coast towards Mozambique and bring with them their predators, the big game fish, dolphins and occasionally Orcas!

A team from Pro-Dive were in the bay this weekend and filmed not only the feeding frenzy that accompanies the sardine run but an Orca actually attacking (and I presume killing) a dolphin, here’s the video… Continue reading “Killer Whales, Dolphins, Sardines and Algoa Bay – The video”