A Fest of Lit.

As an aspiring writer, my big breakthrough piece of fiction is still unwritten, I have always wanted to visit the Cheltenham Literature Festival. The chance to hob-nob with fellow unpublished sorts and to see in the flesh real authors would be happiness unbound.

Mingling at social gatherings with the lit-set I would forgo the glasses of bubbly on the trays and demand a beer from the Jeeves-like waiter. After all, With Faulks’ powers faltering, I’m the next big thing in town. I’d also ask Jeeves for the big daddy of vol-au-vents, a scotch pie. And I’d tell him to drown the pastry with Bertie Worcester sauce. Continue reading “A Fest of Lit.”

The Archers and others

I have been listening to ‘The Archers’ on and off for years. There was a very brief time, when the boys were small, when I would actually have both of them in bed by three minutes past seven and this would be the time to start again in the kitchen for the adult meal preparation, just as the music started. Then I would feel a certain sense of achievement. (The eldest would usually choose that moment to appear at the kitchen door and ask for a drink, complain he couldn’t sleep, or that he had ear-ache etc.) Continue reading “The Archers and others”