Mt Baker at it again

The local paper reports that Mt Baker had 100″ of snow this WEEK.

Most of which fell on us as rain!  (Do remember 12″ snow 1″ of rain though!)

We are hideously waterlogged and one mustn’t stand still or one gets mould, no wonder half the population appears to be in Arizona, Mexico or Hawaii.  After getting pneumonia in Wales last autumn I ain’t going anywhere soon, thank God for central heating and a good roof.

How is the weather elsewhere?  It is definitely a wetter winter than usual here, doesn’t bloody stop, worse than Wales and that’s going some!

Transformation Complete

. . . so what’s new?

The new look for the Chariot is finished.

Almost everything is the same as it was on the older Chariot, but there are a few extras –

  • Everything works properly.
  • It’s easier to read.
  • It’s now smart mobile friendly.
  • There are no adverts!
  • You can do more with pictures in posts.   For example Featured Image and Subtitle, both used above, and clever handling of larger pictures (not illustrated).
  • You can also do some nifty formatting with text in posts.   I’ll post some examples later.

Post as many critical comments as you like; you may well detect something that I have missed.   Other than that – enjoy!

Good for a laugh – unless you are a feminist.

I came across this video in the Spectator. It is 30 minutes, so those of limited attention spans (e.g.  gadflies) may not have the perseverance to see it all the way through. I must admit I had never heard of either individual, but for today at least Jordan Peterson is my new personal hero.


Gold is very yesteryear, innit? Silence – which is undoubtedly golden – has no place here and speech is silvern. Hence this flattering new portrait which shows me (l) in the limelight and Backside in the shade, just as it should be.

Any road up, we hope you like our new livery – although once again, Backside’s actual words do not bear repetiton. Goodness knows what’s eating him this time.


Why is it that I don’t have the right to edit posts in threads that I’ve started ? The edit link is there but apparently I don’t have the right to actually edit stuff. Does this just apply to me or is it general ?