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June 8, 2017 Leave a comment

I found this joke on the Spectator Coffee House Blog.

“……How does a social worker fix a lightbulb? They don’t. They form a support group called ‘coping with darkness’……”

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Seems Appropriate.

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June 8, 2017 12 comments

I was amazed to see the Grauniad’s balanced assessment of today’s runners and riders, according to the last opinion polls.


It is probably a sign that the old Mancunian rag is preparing to abandon its loony left connections tomorrow.



Time for others

June 7, 2017 7 comments

By coincidence, after I’d seen many reports of people going the extra mile during the latest terrorist outrages, I saw an article in the Beeb’s travel pages about a Greek word nobody, even Greeks, can translate satisfactorily. It’s ‘philotimo’ (from the ancient Greek φιλοτιμία which appears in Homer and Pindar). Down the centuries the meaning segued from ‘ambition to impress’ to ‘altruism’ and ‘doing the right thing’ and these days seems to hover somewhere in between those apparently contradictory concepts.

Did the ancients see a connection there, I wonder. Did they reckon acts of kindness might be motivated, perhaps subconsciously, by a desire to appear virtuous, a wish to deserve praise?

Anyway, see what you think! Just askin’.


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More Blether

Once more, another psychotic raghead attack,  more anodyne platitudes spewed by politicians, more ‘standing together’, mass wholesale purchase of candles and rotting flower mounds.

How much longer does the citizenry of the UK have to take this utter travesty before someone has the balls to DO SOMETHING?

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Theresa was right

June 3, 2017 47 comments

TV debates between political party leaders are meeja ambushes. The organisers, including the so-called impartial BBC, make the most of the opportunity to rig the audiences and ask questions from the ‘when did you stop beating your wife’ school of interviewing. The aim is to evoke scandalous replies, crowd pleasing and maximum embarrassment for the debaters.

Theresa is not a street-fighter. Maybe 200 years ago (had women participated)she would have acquired such skills for the hustings or remained in the shadows. Bojo is, but he cannot be trusted to behave. So should a PM be pilloried for refusing to take part? Not in my book – horses for courses, I say.

The election result will turn on other issues. The size of the turn-out, especially among the youngest voters; the actions of former UKIP supporters; the strength of feeling about security and defence; the reliability of the leadership. So stick to your guns, MS May – it’s one of your strengths.

Using Barbarians to Control Barbarians.

“Using barbarians to control barbarians” is a centuries-old Chinese policy. If rivalries and divisions between outside rivals can be exploited to China’s benefit, the Chinese will capitalise on any and all opportunities. In recent days the vapidity of the Yanks and the idiocy of the Europeans has given the Chinese their best opportunity in centuries to wreak havoc on their Western rivals. Read more…

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Supping with the devil

June 1, 2017 17 comments

The Grauniad alleges that our Nige is now a ‘person of interest’ in the FBI investigations into Russian connections to the Trump cabal – which the UK’s favourite MEP calls ‘hysterical’.  Let’s hope his spoon was long enough last year to justify his present mirth.

Local news

May 31, 2017 11 comments

Petite but perfectly formed, she is blushing at the antics of some anti-whaling types who object to an annual bloodfest on the Faroes. The Mail proclaims she first appeared in 1913 and is now 94, a survivor of many cowardly attacks down the years. Still a Danish territory, the Faroes tried to succeed (per the Mail) in 1940 but settled for more home-rule. It might make more sense for the protesters to do their thing on the islands but they would get short shrift, if not a thick ear.

BA’s Cruzifixion

As some of my much-esteemed Charioteers might know, I’ve recently changed tack and completed a two-year certification programme in Business Arts. This does not in any way mean that I’m an expert or anything approaching that exulted state. I have, however, started to pay more attention to how companies and commerce work. British Airways is a recent example of how to mismanage an otherwise reputable company. Read more…

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