Even though I’m only ¼ British (my maternal grandfather came from Yorkshire), I insist upon adding my voice to those mourning the death of Her Majesty the Queen.

That’s not all I have to mourn. I’m sorry to have to inform all of you reading this that ChristinaCleone, known better to me as Tina, my beloved wife, passed away on August 26.

Her end came after a long and incurable illness and it grieves me that about all I could do was to try making her more comfortable and drive her to appointments with the medical specialist, who also tried his best.

Tina emphatically rejected any thought of a funeral or memorial service but, looking outward to the last, donated her remains for scientific/medical research. Others should have such noble thoughts. She did suggest that, after a quiet interval, I might consider inviting her Garden Club friends over for drinks.

That leaves this house occupied only by yrs. truly and Max, a smallish canine we got from a rescue organization and who turned out to be the sweetest thing on four feet. I’ll continue to read the Chariot as well as various newspapers, trying to keep my alleged brain focused on all the other problems in today’s world.

9 thoughts on “LIFE’S END”

  1. This is very sad to read indeed. I always respected, often admired, Christina. She lead a fascinating life, she possessed an honesty, a clarity that is hard to find any more. She had a sprawling, bigger-than-life personality. Whatever differences we had, I always liked, respected and appreciated her. I am sorry for your loss.

  2. Heartfelt condolences Cog – I can but echo Christopher’s words. Tina was one of a kind and I always enjoyed her contributions, even when she was telling me off.

    Nos da, bach.

  3. My sincere sympathy for your loss, Cog.

    I always enjoyed her comments – as far as I can recall, Christina never told me off !

    She will be missed here, too.

  4. My sincere sympathy, Cog, on your loss. Christina was one of a kind. We sometimes agreed and I don’t remember her ticking me off. An amazing lady.

  5. Dear Cog, I appreciate your letting us know that Tina is no longer with us. My sincerely condolences to you. Tina and I certainly had our differences many years ago on the Telegraph blog, but came to an understanding some years ago. I’ll miss her contributions here, a larger than life character, with a refreshing frankness and wit.

  6. Sincerest condolences Cog., I admired your good lady for both her wit and her welsh wisdom. Some of her responses to my attempts at poetry, prose or photography (Mostly at the Telegraph place) were accurate, acidic and appropriate. Always good for a chuckle on first reading. My strongest memory is the photo of her lighting the house on fire for the benefit of the local VFD (one of yours perhaps?). May you find peace.

  7. Dear Cog, as you probably noticed I am very rarely on here. Since the days of Covid I found that social media and other online activities tended to depress me more than entertain. I found that the barrage of arguments and bad or pessimistic news was not doing my psychè any good.
    Today, I decided to pop into the Chariot and come across this sad news.
    I am sorry for your loss. Christina was an extremely robust ‘say it as it is’ type of person.

  8. Dear Cog, I am so sorry. I truly liked Christina. She was always to the point and I felt that we saw eye to eye on most issues. Best wishes.

  9. Many thanks to all for your very kind words. It’s interesting (and rewarding) to note that all of you had the same impression of her as did I, who lived with her.
    Damn, I miss her!

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