Skydiving (Mark II)

“If at first you don’t succeed, then skydiving is not for you”.  Brian grinned inwardly as he read the flyer advertising a parachuting course at a local airfield.  He liked the droll humour of the advert and this was just the kind of challenge a young,gun in his position ought to be pursuing to maintain the interest of the stockbroker’s daughter to whom he was engaged.

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No Solution

“Mum! Nooooooo.”
His scream was shrill and distraught. My heart beat hard against my chest. What on earth was wrong, this time?  But before I could call back, an angry shout came towards me accompanied by footstamps  on the stairs.
“What have you done? I can’t wear this.”
I quickly unlocked the bathroom door, still doing up my flies.
“You know Mum’s not here; I’ll be there in a moment, James.”
But he was already standing outside the door, waiting for me.
“Look, Dad.”  He held out two articles of clothing. Two pink articles of clothing, still wet from the washing machine. Continue reading “No Solution”


A long time ago, when the world was young, I sat with a teenager who was reluctant to write and we composed a story. All the words had to be three letters long and no longer. I thought I had a copy, but If so I don’t know where it is. But it  started something like this:

Pip the Dog met Ron the Cat.

‘Hey Ron! Man, hip hat!’

‘Hey Pip!  Bow man wow! Say, you see the rat?’

‘The rat?’

‘The big rat.’

‘Reg the big Rat?’

‘Yeh. Man, the rat was hot.’

It was interesting (at least to us) how the word length created a distinctive sound and rhythm. So I was wondering if anyone would like to start a story on the same lines here, or go on with the one just started above.

It might be a bit of light, uncontentious stuff for a rainy Tuesday afternoon.