Don’t you just love the double standards of …. well just about everybody?

This is an article about the leader of the Economic Freedom Front, a minority, but growing South African political party led by the ‘firebrand’ Julius Malema. In it he states his party will target the opposition-held city of Port Elizabeth, home to the erstwhile Soutie, specifically because it is run by a white mayor.

“Because the mayor of DA in PE is a white man. So, these people, when you want to hit them hard – go after a white man. They feel a terrible pain, because you have touched a white man.” Continue reading “Don’t you just love the double standards of …. well just about everybody?”

Good for a laugh – unless you are a feminist.

I came across this video in the Spectator. It is 30 minutes, so those of limited attention spans (e.g.  gadflies) may not have the perseverance to see it all the way through. I must admit I had never heard of either individual, but for today at least Jordan Peterson is my new personal hero.

Has Zimbabwe gone coup coup?

Judging by the photos and videos doing the rounds on social media, we may be experiencing a military coup. There are pictures of tanks and armoured vehicles heading into Harare. This follows the last week’s firing of Vice President Mnangagwa and a statement yesterday by General Chiwenga, the head of the armed forces which support Mnangagwa as opposed to Grace Mugabe wife of the President and his clear to choice to succeed. See below.


It may be too early to draw conclusions, but we are fulfilling the Chinese curse.

Ode to Janus

In his post, Asylum in Denmark, Janus implied, in response to one of my comments, that I was a white supremacist. I posted a rebuttal, not because I was offended by his observation, I care not a jot for the epithets ascribed to me by others, but because I disagree with it. Of course I expanded on my theories and clearly I must have caused a level of indignation because Janus decided to remove that comment almost immediately. Unfortunately I had not saved it and so, I am now going to try to reproduce it, or at least the gist of it, though clearly it will vary somewhat. Continue reading “Ode to Janus”

Her Majesty’s Representative

Have a look at this article and see if you can spot Britain’s ambassador to Zimbabwe. Dreadful, sycophantic dwarf.

The quality, if I can use that word, of some of Britain’s diplomatic staff is truly shocking. Ms Laing’s predecessor was even worse; a hypocritical bigot of the first order.

For our Nordic friend

Hi Janus, what are your thoughts on this? Is there any substance to it, or is simply lies and calumny?

I loved this particular passage:

“The difference is, few actually actively seek to move to Scandinavia, for obvious reasons: the weather is appalling, the taxes are the highest in the world, the cost of living is similarly ridiculous, the languages are impenetrable, the food is (still) awful for the most part and, increasingly, these countries are making it very clear they would prefer foreigners to stay away.”

I think he is wrong in one aspect.

“No, it’s a nonsense and, in fact, they have dropped from the top spot in recent surveys, mostly because they are not as rich as they once were. The sad take-away from that is, money does, in fact, make you happy.”

Well partly wrong. It is my experience that good weather does much more to make you happy than money does. Granted, you need enough to cover the basics, but the law of diminishing returns applies very quickly to the wealth/happiness relationship. Of course one can have too much sunshine as well, but I do believe that most people could identify a climate that is ideal for them and having found it, they are much more likely to be happy then any amount of ‘surplus’ wealth can provide.

I would be interested to hear the opinions of others. No, seriously, I would. 🙂