Don’t you just love the double standards of …. well just about everybody?

This is an article about the leader of the Economic Freedom Front, a minority, but growing South African political party led by the ‘firebrand’ Julius Malema. In it he states his party will target the opposition-held city of Port Elizabeth, home to the erstwhile Soutie, specifically because it is run by a white mayor.

“Because the mayor of DA in PE is a white man. So, these people, when you want to hit them hard – go after a white man. They feel a terrible pain, because you have touched a white man.”

Why does western media not make any acknowledgement of this and other blatantly racist behaviour? I have nothing against racism per se. It is a perfectly natural human characteristic, though it is one thing to have misgiving about another race, it is quite another to act on them. But it is the bloody double standards of the western press, who seem hell bent on destroying all vestiges of whiteness.

The whole world heard of the story of two white men who threatened a black man and put him into a coffin at gun point. They were sentenced for a hate crime and attempted murder. Clearly there was no attempted murder as they let him go.

As the Telegraph story says, 70 white commercial farmers were murdered in the first 9 months of 2017 – and  as I have posted before, under brutal circumstances. Why does that statistic only get one line? What about the 3,000+ other farmers who have been murdered since 1994? Why is the whole farm murder crime not a bigger story? It is genocide, plain and simple.

Sad to say that so called Western democracy and the lawyers and main stream media which control it, as it stands to today, is to my mind, pretty damn evil, for the simple reason that it allows these crimes to continue without comment or attempt to stop them. And of course it is not just South Africa, but the whole migrant invasion of Europe and the wholesale destruction of the most civilised culture the world has known. Not to mention the idiotic Antifa movement, which declares anybody who has a brain in his head as being white supremacist, Nazi racist. If anybody or anything is likely to turn people that way, Antifa will do the trick.

Oddly enough, I have discovered a grudging respect for one of my bêtes noires of the New Labour years, a man called Trevor Phillips, leader of the CRE. Yesterday I watched a relatively recent documentary of his in which he admitted that he and his cabal had got it all wrong. He does not go nearly far enough of course, but it is a step in the right direction.

5 thoughts on “Don’t you just love the double standards of …. well just about everybody?”

  1. ‘I have nothing against racism per se. It is a perfectly natural human characteristic……..’ Indeed. Like the seven deadly sins, natural and to be suppressed, sublimated or just avoided. Positive racism on behalf of one’s own race is equally deplorable. Maybe that’s why the meeja steer clear?

  2. If you’re not going to stand up for your own race who the hell are you going to stand up for ??

  3. Aww, Janus, but you forgot the best bit: “…..though it is one thing to have misgiving about another race, it is quite another to act on them.”

  4. Once upon a time, a long time ago, I was not racist. But then we had no TV and nothing but white people around us.
    Then I went to university, work and then to the USA in 76. I learnt, incident by incident, that I was being a fool. They, all of them, were not the same, they had no standards whatsoever that equated with middle class white people anymore than white peasants had. Having witnessed race riots, attempted arson, cross burnings in yards, etc, with my own eyes in Memphis. I resolved to no longer treat them as human beings and deal with them at arms length with kid gloves and a mace. Ever since I have made damned sure I live nowhere near them, have no contact with any of them and cheerfully declare myself a fully developed racist. At least I am honest about it, unlike most.
    When I return to the UK and see what has become of the cities I am appalled. Knee deep in parasitic wogs sucking at the teat of public money and not one newspaper, TV or the public utter a word against this ridiculous situation. Everyone appears to be utterly brainwasahed and scared of saying a word except the EDL, who are somewhat unattractive in their own right!
    Interestingly one gets a very different conversation down the pub!
    I have now cheerfully got to the point that every ‘tragedy’ of drowning in the Med evinces a reaction of “Thank heavens for that, less wogs in Birmingham!” Every civil war anywhere, good, go to it. Plagues welcome. (But not here.) Again, at least I am honest. The more that kill each other in situ the better.
    Of course, the longer it is allowed to fester in the West, the worse the retaliation will be, it will get way past repatriation probably to civil war, concentration camps and ‘final solutions’
    People may care to remember their history.
    Pogrom of York, 1190. Invention of concentration camps in the Boer War by ourselves. About the only thing I don’t think we invented was XylonB!
    Those that forget are doomed to repeat, there are an awful lot of heads in the sand with butts to be kicked upended in the air.

    What I really feel sorry for are the animals in the West now, unbloodybelievable to allow wogs to hack the throats of creatures to death for their bloody religion. I’d like to hack a few of them the same way. Halal slaughter should NEVER have been allowed. I make damned sure I check with an individual butcher exactly where my meat is slaughtered when I am in Wales, and how.

  5. jazz, I wish I could believe every member of my race was a good guy worth defending!

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