Mind versus body

It strikes me that Sipu’s Richard Dawkins blog is a kind of corollary to his blog “Why do I bother etc”. What struck me about the earlier blog was the idea that you couldn’t “know” someone unless you had some kind of physical or sensory contact with them. Likewise, the argument about god versus evolution is another exploration of the question of mind versus physical realities.

Granted, the shifting identities behind the multiple IDs of My Telegraph confused the issue. It’s impossible to “know” these shape shifters, but it isn’t impossible to know personalities—people—in cyberspace.

And on the other side, I think it’s an illusion to attach our understanding of others to their physical presence, even though we are aided in that understanding by how well we can “read” the language of physical presence or movement. Isn’t our knowledge of others always filtered through the various lenses of our perceptions? Isn’t how we understand someone at best approximate?

For those who are writers—and that means the contributors to this blog—there is a lot of “chemistry” in the written word.

Anyway, I’m back in England for a week or so and happy to be so. And, hot dog, the weather is pretty wonderful. Glad you’re all here too.

An Immodest Announcement

Anime, Animus, Anima
Cover of my new book

Well, it’s happened. My new book is out, published by the UK-based poetry publisher Shearsman Books. I’m quite excited about it. Being an artist and book artist, I usually produce my own books in different sizes and shapes. This time someone else is doing it, which helps enormously. I’ll be giving a reading in London on April 20, which is also a thrill. You’re all so far flung that I doubt that I’ll see any bloggers there, but it would be a delight. Some day I’d like to put real faces to the many words that have been tumbling out in cyberspace, here and at the Site that Must Remain Nameless. Info at the reading can be found at http://www.shearsman.com/pages/editorial/readings.html

The poetry is not at all like what I usually post at the Site that Will Remain Unnamed. I think that’s supposed to be a warning. There’s a description (sort of) on the site at Shearsman and there’s another on Amazon.

Enough of this brazen self promotion!