An Immodest Announcement

Anime, Animus, Anima
Cover of my new book

Well, it’s happened. My new book is out, published by the UK-based poetry publisher Shearsman Books. I’m quite excited about it. Being an artist and book artist, I usually produce my own books in different sizes and shapes. This time someone else is doing it, which helps enormously. I’ll be giving a reading in London on April 20, which is also a thrill. You’re all so far flung that I doubt that I’ll see any bloggers there, but it would be a delight. Some day I’d like to put real faces to the many words that have been tumbling out in cyberspace, here and at the Site that Must Remain Nameless. Info at the reading can be found at

The poetry is not at all like what I usually post at the Site that Will Remain Unnamed. I think that’s supposed to be a warning. There’s a description (sort of) on the site at Shearsman and there’s another on Amazon.

Enough of this brazen self promotion!

40 thoughts on “An Immodest Announcement”

  1. Coo! Congratulations. How exciting.
    I am in London. So do please give details and depending on time and place I shall try to attend, though whether I shall ‘reveal’ myself is another thing altogether. 😎

  2. Yes, I’m very excited. The reading is Tuesday, 20 April, 7:30 p.m. at the Swedenborg Hall, which is in the Swedenborg House, 20/21 Bloomsbury Way, London WC1A 2TH. The entrance is through the portico on the right of the building shown above. There is no admission fee. I’m reading with another writer, Lars Amund Vaage, who is Norwegian, I think. I can’t speak for Lars, but I do try to be entertaining.

  3. Yes, I know it. right by the pedestrian crossing.
    But on Tuesdays I have mosaics…
    Any more dates?
    I could pass the details to our local poetry group.

  4. At the moment, no other dates. I’ve been remiss about scheduling other readings, but if I have a last minute burst of energy and organization and schedule other readings, I’ll let you know. I’ll be reading in Exeter in October, but that’s a long time from now and a long way from London, though I might set something up in London then as well.

  5. Not from this book, though I will try to post some poems here. Here is a link to another poem I’ve written that is similar to the ones in “Anime”:
    This poem was also published by an English publisher, located in Liverpool, I believe. It’s very strange. In the past year, I’ve had more work published by English publishers than I’ve had published in the US for my entire life. I’m not sure what that means. Am I in the wrong country?

  6. You know, I only read as far as the link and then the poem and was distracted by the American spelling, wondering where you were in this. Now I shall read again.

    I’ve just had an email asking me to write something for the Good Library Guide. No money, but a good cause.

  7. Sorry, meant to ask you. Are you based in London?
    If I am being indiscreet, and goodness knows I wouldn’t give any details of where I am working on these pages, for whoever to read, ignore me or send me an email.

  8. Janh: This is Hay-on-Wye, no? You mean the one in Wales, yes? There are Hay Festivals everywhere! Where is Chelters? I’m just a footloose Californian, not hip to shortened place names in the UK. I need a map!

  9. Ah Isobel, I’m in the San Francisco Bay Area. I’m a Californian. And I’m in California right now. You are receiving this via the magic of the internet.

    That’s the problem with writing. Most of it isn’t paid, or doesn’t pay much.

  10. Jaime, yes, which is why I hardly do any work as a journalist anymore…
    What time is it where you are then?
    Swedenborg house is just a step away from the British Museum. They used to have cats there. Not sure if they do anymore. They have mice though.
    But if you are missing your cat when you are here, one of the tacky souvenir shops opposite the BM has a resident black cat that sleeps among the merchandise. Otherwise, if you want to meet Cat, a gorgeous ginger, well let me know!

  11. Isobel, It’s 2pm here. When I started blogging at MyT I put a World Clock on my computer so I could see what time it was where, just so I would have a sense of when everyone is in their day.

    I’m going to be at the British Museum a lot while I’m in London. I’m writing some poems about some of the jewellery there. I’m not sure how to email people on this site, so if you would like to email me that would be great.

    Brendano, The poem that is linked above (comment 7) on Shadowtrain ends with an ancient Celtic mythological image of the two waterbirds with silver chains about them. I have the feeling that I sent this to you once, but maybe it was another poem.

    have a world

  12. Wow, Jaime, well done; I’m seriously impressed.

    Having followed your Shearsman link, I can understand why you added the “sort of” to the description of your work, I couldn’t understand a word of it, so I remain in ignorance. Perhaps I’d better buy a copy! 😉

    PS: You have the facility to edit comments on your own posts, but not on those of others. I noticed your query on another post but haven’t been back to check if you received an answer, so apologies if you know this already.

  13. Sorry Jaime, had no idea you were in San Francisco! My lazy abbreviation for Cheltenham, in Gloucestershire – home of Cheltenham Literature Festival (October) and yes, Hay-on-Wye, which straddles the border of England and Wales – festival coming up end of May-June.

  14. I can’t email you until you have commented on my posts. Oh you have. In that case I can. If you go to the dashboard and view the comments on this post there, you, as author of the posts, can see the email addresses of those who have commented.
    I am off to bed. I’ve just posted on my page but seem to be having a problem with a picture of goats. It’ll have to wait.
    Sweet dreams. I am also being miaowed at in quite a peremptory way.

  15. Araminta, I asked the publisher to change the description of the book but so far he hasn’t. The poems are abstract, no doubt about it, but I hope they aren’t impossibly difficult. The next poems I do I think you all will find more familiar. They’re based on pieces of Roman Celtic jewelery at the British Museum. More about that in about six months.

    Janh: I’ve been to Hay-on-Wye, but I won’t make it there this year. The Cheltenham Festival seems possible. More later.

  16. Well done, J. May I indulge my classicist’s inquisitiveness and ask about the title? What is ‘anime’? (The others have meanings.)

  17. Jaime, may I add my felicitations. On Janus’s point, I presume it is not ‘anime’ as in strange Japanese cartoons 🙂

  18. Talk about far flung bloggers Jaime!
    So, do all of us a smallish favour…..
    Just one poem please.
    And maybe a site we can purchase your work from.
    That would be nice.

  19. And for the pronunciation challenged people like myself, could you please tell us, well actually me, how would I sound out your name, Jaime.
    It sounds like a fellow, but I am sure its not.
    Ta, again!

  20. OMG for Oh my god in that instance OMG.
    Bearsy, if you are still about, where do I find pseudo-tags please?
    I got rid of my second slideshow by deleting the link on the page. Is there another way?

  21. jaimeatdnmyt :

    Yes, I’m very excited. The reading is Tuesday, 20 April, 7:30 p.m. at the Swedenborg Hall, which is in the Swedenborg House, 20/21 Bloomsbury Way, London WC1A 2TH. The entrance is through the portico on the right of the building shown above. There is no admission fee. I’m reading with another writer, Lars Amund Vaage, who is Norwegian, I think. I can’t speak for Lars, but I do try to be entertaining.

    Exalted company indeed! Here’s Lars:

  22. Hi Jaime,
    Congratulations – excellent news! Good to see you here as well. Are you going to post a poem or two here…? 😉

  23. I pronounce it like Jamie, like the British spelling, even though it’s the Spanish spelling. Long story short, my mother’s Spanish was not very good. I’ll try to figure out a way to post a poem elsewhere, Rainer, but it won’t happen for a while. I’m about to fly off to Denver.
    Bravo, yes, anime as in strange Japanese animation. Living on the Pacific Rim, I am a child of the mixed cultural influences of the area. The book is a sort of West looking at the East looking at the West. And my own fascination with the subject comes from my mother’s love of unryu, the beautiful woodblock prints of bygone eras, and my stepson’s love of Japanese animation. What I realized as I watched these movies with him was how differently we read things from culture to culture.
    Next poem series is about the Hoxne treasure at the British museum, I hope.

  24. Jaime – belated best wishes and congratulations. London today has been pretty grey and miserable but I am sure things will perk up very soon weather wise. May I wish you a very pleasant trip here. I looked up the link into Shadowtrain and enjoyed much of the lines and movement of “Redboat”. (I am drawn to reading it again.) Who knows, I might just be in Bloomsbury on the 20th. It is good to see you posting on this site – our gratitude to Bearsy for accommodating us all! nssw

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