Mind versus body

It strikes me that Sipu’s Richard Dawkins blog is a kind of corollary to his blog “Why do I bother etc”. What struck me about the earlier blog was the idea that you couldn’t “know” someone unless you had some kind of physical or sensory contact with them. Likewise, the argument about god versus evolution is another exploration of the question of mind versus physical realities.

Granted, the shifting identities behind the multiple IDs of My Telegraph confused the issue. It’s impossible to “know” these shape shifters, but it isn’t impossible to know personalities—people—in cyberspace.

And on the other side, I think it’s an illusion to attach our understanding of others to their physical presence, even though we are aided in that understanding by how well we can “read” the language of physical presence or movement. Isn’t our knowledge of others always filtered through the various lenses of our perceptions? Isn’t how we understand someone at best approximate?

For those who are writers—and that means the contributors to this blog—there is a lot of “chemistry” in the written word.

Anyway, I’m back in England for a week or so and happy to be so. And, hot dog, the weather is pretty wonderful. Glad you’re all here too.

25 thoughts on “Mind versus body”

  1. “there is a lot of “chemistry” in the written word.”

    I’d agree with that, Jaime!

  2. Hi Jaime and welcome back to the UK. It’s late for me, and I’ve had a long but enjoyable lunch today, so more thoughts later.

  3. Oh, Isobel, I was just here in October and before that in August. I’m not really commuting back and forth but it seems the past year has been my time for multiple visits to the UK.

  4. Yo Jaime. Congrats on staying up.
    I am connected with DnMT tonight too! Oh the wonders of technology when it works.
    London is just the best city in the world and it’d be great if the weather were to reamin good while you’re there.

  5. Hi Jaime. Nice one here. How long are you in the UK for?
    For me, the total absence of the physical was weird and a little scary, when I first entered MyT. It made me realise how much I’ve relied on my appearance at work etc.
    Now I find it overwhelmingly liberating – expression with anonymity, I guess 😉

  6. Hi, Claire! I’m hear until April 22, then back to the US of A until October.
    Big cities seem to be hard, Isobel, on the other hand, I’m probably moving to LA when I get back to the US. More spare change there.

  7. Morning Jaime, I shall look forward to the call- or email. I shall keep checking yahoo

  8. Folks, sorry about the hear in here. You must forgive me my jetlag. Hoping for better spelling in a few days. Daze?
    Brendano: I would love to visit Ireland. The closest I’ve been was an absolutely fantastic performance in Berkeley by Druid Ireland of Enda Walsh’s The Walworth Farce. And also, some intense study of Celtic mythology for a class I was a teaching assistant for at UC Berkeley.
    About to stagger out to the phone shop this a.m., Pseu, to find out why my phone doesn’t even turn on much less dial or work as the telecommunications device it’s advertised as. Back in the p.m.

  9. Brendano: There’s some Irish genetic material as well, but it’s competing with so many other dna strands that it’s almost negligible, I suspect.

  10. Jaime … yes, Druid are always very good. The Irish theatre tradition is still strong … my small local theatre gets a lot of top-notch productions.

    I think you’d enjoy Dublin … it’s a writer’s city. Think of Swift, Wilde, Shaw, Joyce, O’Casey, Beckett, Behan … and Bram Stoker. 🙂

  11. No Brendano, forget all those modern scribblers – the only reason to visit Dublin is to see the Book of Kells…. 🙂

  12. Jaime, good morning. London is sparking this morning. I was up in town Saturday and yesterday. came across this shop in Rathbone Place (near Oxford St/Tottenham Court Rd) called Hobgoblin Music (“Britain’s traditional Folk Music Shop.”) It was wall-to-wall with fiddles, mandolins, ukulelees and percussive rattles, sticks and whsitles. And the place was no bigger than a shoe box. Lots of interesting shops off Goodge Street and Charlotte Street; the London plane trees so evident here. So WELCOME here and enjoy the Spring sunshine.

    It seems Sipu has triggered a lot of thought here on his recent post and you have added to this. I do think one should be cautious putting out personal information but I do believe one can show ones’ character in a post or blog, if one is true to one’s self. There is indeed “chemistry” in the written word.
    PS Brendano – the music shop reference was partly an echo to your Dublin promotion!

  13. Hi Jaime, Is it okay to leave an on-topic comment?

    Everything we do is largely 90% perception and 10% reality, this goes a long way to explaining why and how people form opinions and perspectives of a single event that can be radically different.

  14. Thanks, PapaG. And here I thought you lived in Guinea. Wonder why? Maybe it just refers to old coinage? Tomorrow I’ll head out for a stroll around town (er, parts of town). The music shop sounds worth looking at, though tomorrow I’m slotted for the museum and parts Bloomsbury-ish.

    Hey, Paul, I’m all for on-topic comments. And I am indeed grateful for yours.

  15. Well, Jamie, if you find yourself venturing into the wilds of the North, drop me a line! You have my email, from your dash board, I think 😉

  16. Thanks, Claire. A friend of mine and I are going to Staffordshire to check out the recently discovered hoard. That may be as far north as I get, but I’ll surely email if I go farther into the wilds.

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